Thursday, April 12, 2012

Where in the world is I.H.E. ??

Did I fall off the Map?  Nah, I'm still here!  I have recently been hired full time at a new Sign Shop and I LOVE IT!  I was very glad to say bon voyage to my old job, where they cut my hours in half and were a buncha cranky pants all day long!  I'm now working just 2 blocks from my house (I walk to work) and have great co-workers, work more hours and make more money!  WOWEE!  But, the new schedule has taken some getting used to and my lil' blog has been scooted to the sidelines...

But I'm here to make a comeback!  If any of you are still out there after my temporary hiatus and also the fact that Google Friend Connect was discontinued (it was removed from my page and I have no evidence of any followers what so ever) then, you lovely folks, please enjoy these pics of my "inspiration board" decked out in a travel theme.  Yessir, I.H.E. is back on the map! 

 This nice big map is circa 1960's and is dog eared with age.  I love the muted colors and imagery.

 This leather bag is stamped as a "Gadget Bag" and it is used for toting around a camera and collecting field samples.  I found it at the same sale I got the amazing vintage pin-up book at.  It had some small specimen jars with little treasures in it like fools gold, an old marble and a chip of blue glass.  I love the thought of someone picking up these things while out on a hike. 

 Now, speaking of going on hikes, my version of a hike is finding stuff for free on the curb.  I found this metal sign on a pile of discarded books.  Not very welcoming, but the Sign Maker side of me really gets a kick out of it. 
 I also really like this vintage bike patch kit box.  It is about the size of an Altoid tin.  I have been riding my bike a lot too since my car is being overhauled.  (More about that at a later date!)

Lets set sail!  I sold this captain's cap at swap meet a while back.  I hope it's out to sea now!

 My little orange plane, I sold it too but not until I took lots of pics of it.

More Map Details

 I was born on this coast and.....

 ended up on this one!
 I like this old cardboard puzzle too.  It really reminds me of grade school!

So that was my travel theme.  Right now the board is all decked out with Paint By Numbers.  I went out junk hunting several weekends ago and found quite a few.  I'll be back soon to showcase those too.  Till then, happy travels and don't be a stranger! 

Oh, PS...if you could, leave a comment so I know how many people are still reading IHE.  I would really appreciate it! :-)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Block Heads - Amazing Danish Modern Play Set

I'm back to the online selling! The Dodge Dart fund is charging ahead!  Update:  The New Engine is rebuilt, and this coming week we will be prepping the car for the switch.  Which means new paint in the engine compartment, new radiator, water pump, belts and more!  I feel a draft coming from the car, it must be that someone has switched on the money vacuum in it!  Since I'm (hopefully) only doing this once, I'm doing it right!  So, I'm bringing out the REALLY good stuff from my personal collections to keep the cash flowing!  Check out these cool vintage toys!

Here is my Danish Modern set of  educational play blocks!
Forget the fact that I don't have kids, these are so fun!  I have had them on display in the house for a year or so, now it's time to share the fun!

The entire set has 32 pieces, a bag to store them all in and an original booklet!

The graphics on the bag are so fantastic.  These creations look like primitive robots.

The bag is labeled "Made in Danmark"

One of the things in the booklet to make is this cute birdie.

The wood is so smooth and natural.  They just don't make toys like this anymore!

 From the booklet, Man on horse:

The bird:

Here is one of my own creations.  I call this one, "Surprised Nude"
 They are too fun, and so classically Danish Mod.  I could easily see Charles Eames' daughter playing with these back in the 50's.  Can't you?  
If you want to have these fun Danish Modern blocks for your Atomic Ranch home, they are currently listed on Ebay!  I have more fun vintage toys to post!  Stay tuned!

***Edit***  Have you Blogger/Blogspot authors & readers noticed that Google has removed the Friend Connect Widget from your blogs?  Apparently it was discontinued on March 1st.  It was supposed to only be removed from non-blogger sites but mine is missing.  I now have NO FOLLOWERS showing, when I had over 100!  Are you guys still out there?  If so, please try to add yourselves again with the new Google + widget on the top left of the page.  Leave comments if you have had similar trouble!  Thanks for reading! -Amber

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A love story - Vintage Noir Style Detective's Desk

I picked up a really great vintage steel case desk a while back, and although I love her I just can't hang onto her.  I made this post on the Los Angeles Craigslist, hoping to find her a new home.  Enjoy :-)

1940's -1950's Noir Style Detective's Desk

Of all the lists in all the world, she had to walk into Craig's. It was a dark and stormy night, no scratch that, it was a bright and sunny winter's day in California. The groundhog had already seen his shadow back east but you'd never know that here. On a day like that day, if old Punxsutawney Phil had been an Angeleno, he would have been down on the Santa Monica Pier saying "Hey buddy, pass the sunscreen.". It was bright alright, the kind of day that makes it hard to be a Noir Detective like myself. Our lot prefers the dark back rooms of dive bars where we can ruminate a case over a case of the hard stuff if you know what I mean. But here I was, up before noon and on my way to the local greasy spoon for a cheap cup of coffee and some runny eggs when out of nowhere I saw her. At first I thought it was the sun in my eyes, creating an apparition of classic beauty, but now I know it was the real thing. We modern types are so unaccustomed to the real thing, it takes a while for us to understand that things used to be built to last. This Dame was one of those things.

There she was, 150 pounds of pure American Beauty. They don't make em like her anymore, that's for sure. She had more dangerous curves than Mulholland Drive, but she wasn't about to slow down any time soon. She was cool as steel, didn't flinch an inch to my uncouth scrutiny (what can I say, I couldn't help but stare). She wasn't a little thing, she was built like a Sherman Tank and had a look that meant business; I could tell she was about to tread all over my heart but I was defenseless against her prowess. All I wanted to do was get a look in those drawers before she broke my heart. We had one hell of a fling.

Eventually she told me all she wanted was a nice little place to call home. A place that was safe and sound. I could feel my heart strings being tugged. I wanted to promise those things but I knew I couldn't follow through. The life of a private Dick is anything but safe and sound. I didn't think I'd be the heart breaker but I had to let her go. I know she's out there somewhere looking for her safe haven. Heaven knows she deserves it. Maybe our paths will cross someday, maybe they won't but I'll always  know that what we had was the real thing.

Who loves ya baby.  You can check out the actual ad here:

Bloggers Unite! Help a fellow Blogger & her Doggie

Just a quick post here to spread the word about Barbara & Minnie over at "If I didn't have a sense of humor" blog.  Barbara's pooch is in need of an expensive knee surgery and there is a Chip-In fund raiser going on right now to help make it happen.  If you haven't read Barbara's blog, you should she is a very funny lady who finds the wildest vintage ads and pokes fun at them.  I always enjoy her fresh point of view (wink wink)  She is also a big animal lover and advocate and is always putting herself out there to help other people's pets when they are in need.  Well, now she is the one who needs a little boost.  Please consider chipping in a few dollars to the cause.  I know we have all been there ourselves!  Bloggy Buddies Unite!  Follow the link below and be sure to check out Barbara's blog!

Every little bit helps.  Please Chip-In! If you can, please spread the word on your own blogs.  Pay it Forward!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Etsy'n for a good cause: the IHE Mobile!

Howdy folks, I just updated the I Heart Everything Etsy shop with a few fun things.  Since I'm only a part-time employee now, and a part time Swap Meet seller, I'm a-hustlin' to make the monthy bills.  Which is hard enough already, so when my good ole' Dodge Dart Wagon went ka-put this month I knew it was finally time to do that engine re-build I've been dreading! I have been preparing for this moment, so it isn't a shock, just bad timing.

Its going to take a lot of the green stuff to make this happen, and I aint talking spinach (sorry Popeye)!  So, I'm going to have an Etsy sale!!!  Woo Woo!  Enter the coupon code DARTWAGON for 15% off of purchases and you will also get my eternal gratitude! I'll be adding more stuff daily.  So tell yer friends too!

Now, lets check out some of the new merch!

1920's Illustrated Bambi Book
- $10.00

1960's - Better Homes & Gardens Sewing Book
- $7.00

 (This is the 2nd one of these that I have listed.  The 1st one sold right away!)

Set of 8 Vintage 1970's Fashion Design Books
- $40.00

(I had sold two other volumes from this series previously I hope these sell right away too!)

Vintage 1960's Paint by Number Pair
- $30.00

1960's Velvet Painting
- $25.00

141 Pieces - Vintage Wooden Printing Blocks
- $75.00

1960's Box Set French Vocabulary Cards - $10.00

That is all for now, C'est Finis!  Be sure to check out the whole store, I'll be adding new stuff daily!
  15% Off Coupon Code : DARTWAGON