Friday, February 24, 2012

Etsy'n for a good cause: the IHE Mobile!

Howdy folks, I just updated the I Heart Everything Etsy shop with a few fun things.  Since I'm only a part-time employee now, and a part time Swap Meet seller, I'm a-hustlin' to make the monthy bills.  Which is hard enough already, so when my good ole' Dodge Dart Wagon went ka-put this month I knew it was finally time to do that engine re-build I've been dreading! I have been preparing for this moment, so it isn't a shock, just bad timing.

Its going to take a lot of the green stuff to make this happen, and I aint talking spinach (sorry Popeye)!  So, I'm going to have an Etsy sale!!!  Woo Woo!  Enter the coupon code DARTWAGON for 15% off of purchases and you will also get my eternal gratitude! I'll be adding more stuff daily.  So tell yer friends too!

Now, lets check out some of the new merch!

1920's Illustrated Bambi Book
- $10.00

1960's - Better Homes & Gardens Sewing Book
- $7.00

 (This is the 2nd one of these that I have listed.  The 1st one sold right away!)

Set of 8 Vintage 1970's Fashion Design Books
- $40.00

(I had sold two other volumes from this series previously I hope these sell right away too!)

Vintage 1960's Paint by Number Pair
- $30.00

1960's Velvet Painting
- $25.00

141 Pieces - Vintage Wooden Printing Blocks
- $75.00

1960's Box Set French Vocabulary Cards - $10.00

That is all for now, C'est Finis!  Be sure to check out the whole store, I'll be adding new stuff daily!
  15% Off Coupon Code : DARTWAGON


  1. That is a sweeeeeeeet Dart that you have there! I wish you much success in the fund raising. That's some great stuff that you're offering up. I too am trying to raise funds so I'll just be your cheering section!

    1. Yeah, cheer me on! I could use it. Good luck on your fund raising too! Ra Ra Ra! Sis Boom Ba!

  2. OMG that Bambi book is the cutest thing ever! :3 + I need those cute vocabulary cards in my life^^!

  3. You don't ship outside the states? :s

  4. The sewing book is sooo cool AND will come in handy! I missed out on the first one. Hope it helps! I would love those press letters, too! I could have some fun with those! :)

    1. Thanks so much your purchase!!! It means a ton to me :-)

  5. Poor little Dart wagon. I love the Bambi books. Hope the sale goes well!

  6. You might find it cheaper to pick up another slant six engine and swap it into your Dart, Amber. There have to be tons of them around there. Rent an engine hoist and you could do it over a weekend with one of two car guys and a case of beer.

    1. Way ahead of ya Uncle Atom! I had purchased a "back up" engine over a year ago from a friend in anticipation of the eventual demise of the existing one. The one in the car has a cracked block, and although it has still been running on it for years (amazing slant 6's!), it is finally time to replace it. We just loaded up the "back up" engine in my BF's truck today. It will be going to an engine shop for a proper rebuild. I'm willing to shell out some bucks to have it done right. I intend on having this car for at least another 50 years so its going to be worth it. I'll let ya know how it goes. How are your cars doing?


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