Thursday, April 12, 2012

Where in the world is I.H.E. ??

Did I fall off the Map?  Nah, I'm still here!  I have recently been hired full time at a new Sign Shop and I LOVE IT!  I was very glad to say bon voyage to my old job, where they cut my hours in half and were a buncha cranky pants all day long!  I'm now working just 2 blocks from my house (I walk to work) and have great co-workers, work more hours and make more money!  WOWEE!  But, the new schedule has taken some getting used to and my lil' blog has been scooted to the sidelines...

But I'm here to make a comeback!  If any of you are still out there after my temporary hiatus and also the fact that Google Friend Connect was discontinued (it was removed from my page and I have no evidence of any followers what so ever) then, you lovely folks, please enjoy these pics of my "inspiration board" decked out in a travel theme.  Yessir, I.H.E. is back on the map! 

 This nice big map is circa 1960's and is dog eared with age.  I love the muted colors and imagery.

 This leather bag is stamped as a "Gadget Bag" and it is used for toting around a camera and collecting field samples.  I found it at the same sale I got the amazing vintage pin-up book at.  It had some small specimen jars with little treasures in it like fools gold, an old marble and a chip of blue glass.  I love the thought of someone picking up these things while out on a hike. 

 Now, speaking of going on hikes, my version of a hike is finding stuff for free on the curb.  I found this metal sign on a pile of discarded books.  Not very welcoming, but the Sign Maker side of me really gets a kick out of it. 
 I also really like this vintage bike patch kit box.  It is about the size of an Altoid tin.  I have been riding my bike a lot too since my car is being overhauled.  (More about that at a later date!)

Lets set sail!  I sold this captain's cap at swap meet a while back.  I hope it's out to sea now!

 My little orange plane, I sold it too but not until I took lots of pics of it.

More Map Details

 I was born on this coast and.....

 ended up on this one!
 I like this old cardboard puzzle too.  It really reminds me of grade school!

So that was my travel theme.  Right now the board is all decked out with Paint By Numbers.  I went out junk hunting several weekends ago and found quite a few.  I'll be back soon to showcase those too.  Till then, happy travels and don't be a stranger! 

Oh, PS...if you could, leave a comment so I know how many people are still reading IHE.  I would really appreciate it! :-)


  1. Glad to have you back, Amber! And so glad to hear you have a better job that you love!!! Love that cardboard puzzle map...all the pictures for each state are great. :)

  2. Welcome back Amber! And congrats on the new job do close to home!!

  3. Indeed, congratulations are in order-- CONGRATS! Looking forward to more IHE discoveries and posties!

  4. Welcome back! Glad to hear the new job is working out for you and that you're back in the blogging world.

  5. Yay! Congrats on the job and welcome back!

  6. i have that same cardboard puzzle! i just bought it at an estate sale. i can't resist those things.

  7. I've been off the map as well ;)
    Congrats on the new job!

  8. I'm missing your posts, hope all is well. How is that Dart coming along?

  9. There once was a girl named Amber, (that is to say this girl in particular was named amber. LOTS of other girls have been named Amber as well.) had an amazing blog, and then suddenly... And without warning, she vanished :O miss you blogging!

  10. Honey bunny....where did you go? You are missed!

  11. Howdy..
    I left a comment on your travel trailer page.


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