Monday, March 12, 2012

Block Heads - Amazing Danish Modern Play Set

I'm back to the online selling! The Dodge Dart fund is charging ahead!  Update:  The New Engine is rebuilt, and this coming week we will be prepping the car for the switch.  Which means new paint in the engine compartment, new radiator, water pump, belts and more!  I feel a draft coming from the car, it must be that someone has switched on the money vacuum in it!  Since I'm (hopefully) only doing this once, I'm doing it right!  So, I'm bringing out the REALLY good stuff from my personal collections to keep the cash flowing!  Check out these cool vintage toys!

Here is my Danish Modern set of  educational play blocks!
Forget the fact that I don't have kids, these are so fun!  I have had them on display in the house for a year or so, now it's time to share the fun!

The entire set has 32 pieces, a bag to store them all in and an original booklet!

The graphics on the bag are so fantastic.  These creations look like primitive robots.

The bag is labeled "Made in Danmark"

One of the things in the booklet to make is this cute birdie.

The wood is so smooth and natural.  They just don't make toys like this anymore!

 From the booklet, Man on horse:

The bird:

Here is one of my own creations.  I call this one, "Surprised Nude"
 They are too fun, and so classically Danish Mod.  I could easily see Charles Eames' daughter playing with these back in the 50's.  Can't you?  
If you want to have these fun Danish Modern blocks for your Atomic Ranch home, they are currently listed on Ebay!  I have more fun vintage toys to post!  Stay tuned!

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  1. So very lame on Google's part! I just tried to join from my phone and it said unsupported device, use desktop. I think they'll have lots of problems if iPhones aren't supported devices. :/ Those blocks are great- love your creation- vavaVOOM!

  2. Those are so fun! We had some weird, primary color, interlocking human dolls like that in my kindergarten class, but made of plastic and not nearly as festive. Good luck on ebay-- big money, no whammies! :) You should do a school fundraiser style chart for the Dart in the outline of its body, filling in with color up as it gets closer to completion. Wouldn't that be the coolest?

  3. Neato! These blocks look familiar but I'm pretty sure I had something different, though similarly shaped. I'd definitely remember that fab bag art!

  4. Cool blocks! Good luck with the engine transplant. I haven't had the problem with the Followers widget, but I just checked and your blog isn't showing up in my Google Reader either. Dang it, I would be PO'd. I'm adding you back, hope Google will resolve this for you.

  5. just a little note cuz i wanted to leave an award for you :)

  6. First, love these! Second, "surprised nude"! Hee!

    I tried to do the thing at the top and couldn't get it worked out. I've lost track of so many great blogs, including yours. My "followers" still show on my home page but I've lost tons of people that I want to follow. If that makes sense. Bleh.


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