Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Monkey Business

Hey y'allsies!  I have a few neat pics of my stuffed monkey pals.  They are an unlikely collection for a grown up but hey, I'm not that grown up, not yet at least! 

Just how much clutter can you have and still have it be "artistically" displayed?  I think this wall is testing the limit of that question!  If you click the pic to enlarge it, you will spy a lot of cool things.  I have at several different collections going on there including my cameras, vintage calculators, donkey stuff, and LP's.  These two sock monkey's remind me of my Mom.  She used to make sock monkeys and sell them during Christmas time to afford presents for the family.  She is a resourceful lady!

Another shot of the sockies with a cool knitted fella that was rescued from a thrift store.  He was all moldy and mangy but a cycle through the washing machine and he was as good as new! 
He has such a friendly face and he's handmade from yarn.  What a cutie!
Now here's a silly monkey!  This fuzzy lil' guy came from the best rummage sale ever (which is held by the sweetest church ladies twice a year).  When I found this monkey, it was bag day at the sale, all you can fit in a bag for $5!!  As soon as I saw him I snatched him up and said "Come here little monkey and get into my bag!"  One of the ladies heard that and cracked up, she told all the other ladies about it and they laughed to.  Hey, I'm always having a good time when I'm out junkin'! 

He came with a turquoise collar that has a little bell on it.  He is super fuzzy and has a bendy tale.  I'm glad I brought him home, he makes me smile!

 The monkey on the left is quite old.  He was from a yard sale and when I bought him, he was in a beat up old shoe box, it looked like a coffin.  It was creepy to say the least!

 He is stuffed with straw and his mohair fur is very life-like.  Turns out he is also very photogenic!

I think even when he was new, he must have looked old.  Maybe it's the white beard!

The last lil' guy is really little!  He is about 5" tall, and bendy. He used to ride around on the handle bars of an old bike I had.  Now he is retired to the house and enjoys sportin' a tiny top hat.

I have a few other neat shots taken that day of a 1960's illuminated world globe that I scored at a yard sale.

It is one of those things that I didn't know I needed until I got it home.  It is so darn cool.  Seriously, it has been inhabiting my kitchen table ever since.  It makes a killer night light.  It even has a "pin-point" of light that you can position on the geographical destination of your choice by moving the latitude dial and spinning the globe.  Wow.  Geography has never been so cool to me!

Last but not least, I have one other amusing photo...

LOLS, it is me, your dear blog author "relaxing at home" in my big green chair, with a fancy fez-hat (just obtained last weekend) and a 1970's LIFE magazine with a full spread of Marilyn Monroe.  And before you ask, Of course this was a completely spontaneously captured picture (yeah right!) Cuz that's pretty much how I roll! 


  1. I'm in love with the sock monkey with the big ears! I think I may have to go on a search for a globe like that too...WOW! Very cool. I love enlarging your photos and studying every little thing. You have a very fun place. That last photo rocks! I heart everything in your house :)

  2. Love it all! That fez is you - whatcha smoking in that pipe? I'd love to find a light-up globe like that, very cool

  3. If you ever have a stuffed monkey party let me know, my lil Zippy would love to attend! (he was one of those old Dairy Queen giveaways.) Just make sure not to laugh at him, at some point in the early 70s I gave him a make-up job that still won't wash away... plus his hands were chewed off during my teething phase!

    Another steller post, Amber!

  4. The sock monkeys are adorable, and I love that your mom used to make and sell them for Christmas. :) Mine would make wreaths, dolls, and other crafty things that I would get to help with. The smell of a hot glue gun and dried flowers still makes me think of the fun. The old monkey has very wise eyes...kinda still on the creepy side! Love the collection bookshelf and all your fun treasures! :) And...what a hat!!!

  5. I absolutely LOVE your collection of monkeys. I think the old one is my favorite..he looks like he is doing a robot move sitting in the chair.


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