Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Big Green Chair O' My Dreams

 Some Junkin' Gods were looking out for me this last weekend.  On Saturday I awoke at 7am, which for me is early on a weekend.  I was wide awake even though my boyfriend was still sawing logs.  I casually perused Craigslist on my phone looking for yard sales and saw an estate sale in a nearby town that sounded ah-ma-zing.....  here is a sampling of what the ad boasted:

Vintage Danish Modern Furniture
-arm chairs
-tables & consoles
-some very cool 1960's Stoneware
-lots of records
-luggage - pristine 1950's - 60's Skyway

As if this wasn't enough to get me outta bed, dressed with car keys in hand, it was at a house on a street named Amber Dr. -- yes the junkin' Gods put the sale on a street bearing my name!

I was out the door and on the highway faster than you can say Go-Go Gadget Dodge Dart!

When I got there, the sale was in the driveway and garage, not the whole house like most estate sales.  It was being run by the family of the gentleman who had lived there.  They were bringing out stuff the entire time I was there.  They had a several great pieces of Danish Modern furniture and I managed to snag this big guy!

 I have named it Oscar because it is big, green and before I cleaned it, very hairy!

There was enough cat hair on this chair & ottoman to have reconstituted as an actual cat.  I spent over an hour just vacuuming all of the nooks and crannies of the green velveteen upholstery an got all of the fur removed.

It is very wide and it swivels and pivots on the cool metal and faux bois base.  The sides and back are made of bent wood, which is in excellent condition!

Just look at that wood glow!

My accent pillow is a funny thrift store find.  It is illustrated in the style of Edward Gorey and depicts none other than Sigmund Freud sitting on a fainting couch with the caption "Tell Me About Your Childhood" If that weren't enough, it has a music box sewn into it that plays the tune "Memories".

This chair is large and in charge in my small apartment, but I love it and I think that it was meant to be here!  The ladies at the sale said that they grew up with the chair and remember spinning around and around in it.  They said it was a their father's and it was emotional to be selling all of his stuff.  I told them to rest assured that it was going to a good home where it would be appreciated for years to come.  I gave them the address to this blog, so they could see it in its new home.  So ladies, if you are reading this hello, and thank you Nikki. :-)


  1. it looks so comfy AND stylish!A double win!

  2. Awesome chair - you see, early mornings and cat hair can be your friend! I've never seen a molded plywood chair with that kind of upholstery, but it sure looks comfy. Too cool that the house was on Amber Drive, haha. I'm glad it got a good home.

  3. That is neato! And with the Ottoman too. Betcha it's a Plycraft....

  4. OMG...this is just the best chair EVER!!! Congrats on your finds!!!

  5. Amber, I <3 that chair...and the Freud pillow. They both looks quite comfy and pair nicely together.

  6. That's freakin awesome!

  7. Great score! did the people get excited when you gave the blog adress? I made a few cards with the "Mick's" adress, and give them out when I find people I might wanna make good buyer relations with! The other day as I was giving my spill about the Casablanca the lady stopped me and said "wait, your the guy that has all the parties, arent you... YOUR AWESOME!" haha

  8. That chair is soooooo awesome! I'm sure the cat who claimed it for many years enjoyed it to no end. Love the ottoman, too. Great find!!!!

  9. First thought: chair...amazing. But then I saw the ottoman and I just about died. CHAIR AND MATCHING OTTOMAN. In (besides the cat hair) what looks like pristine condition!! You have a truly lucky find on your hands. The former owner's family can rest assured that "Oscar" has a great new home + will be looked after. How I wish all estate sale sorties could end like this one! :)

  10. "go, go gadget Dodge Dart" made me sister had a used Dart in the 70s & that thing could barely "go" really was the butt of jokes.

  11. What a fab chair Amber! So glad you scooped it up- it's always nice to know sentimental pieces are going to someone who will love it as much as you did! As for our sale, we barely got any traffic...but managed to make enough fun money for our anniversary trip, so it wasn't all a bust. :). Love that you got the ottoman too- great score!

  12. Such a great find, I love that chair! Also, very cute blog :)

  13. That's one friggin' cool chair!
    Love the pillow. :))

  14. Glad you're enjoying the chair, Amber! We enjoyed your fun energy at the sale & the girls are happy to know that it went to a good home. If I had the room, I would've brought it back to the Bay Area with us!

    Next up: a picture of your boyfriend in that cool homemade miners hat!



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