Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Creepy Curiosities Collection

Maybe before I jump head first into doing a bunch of Christmas posting, I'd like to back up a little and do one on a collection I have that is more in the spirit of Halloween.  Christmas comes so fast,  indulge me with a little nod to Tim Burton's favorite holiday.  So, I present to you a post that would make the creator of Edward Scissorhands smile: 

My Creepy Curiosities Collection
 I have a lot of little bits and bobs of strange knick nacks.  As stand alone items they are each neat, but when you put them under glass jars and place them all together you get a very Vincent Price, mad scientist vibe going.  I warn you now, if you are freaked out by old creepy dolls, turn back now!

Little Steiff squirrel stuffed toy my older sister found for me.  I used to collect Steiff toys when I was a little kid.  I picked up quite a few for very cheap when I lived on the East Coast at yard sales.  Nowadays, you never see Steiffs.  This little guy has the button in his ear but not his paper tag.

 He looks like a taxidermy when put under glass

This creepy baby "wind chime" was made by my friend Jaymee.  She was given a bag of baby doll parts and old keys and crafted this little freak.  I really like her, but dang is it weird!

 Sexy Legs!  I found these legs back when I lived in Ohio as a teenager.  They came from a church rummage sale.  They are handmade out of felt and have some really neat details.  They have the words Lu Lu embroidered on the tops.  I have no idea what or why someone made these, but I'm glad they did. 

I love the high heels.  Reminds me of pin-up Bettie Page in her black leather.

This radiometer is powered by the sun.  When placed in direct light, the black & yellow circles spin.  As a kid I remember my grandpa having one of these.  I though it was so cool!

Venus Di Milo.   She's a sexy lady that has no head!  I think I'm making a connection here, this is a severed body parts collection. 
The Robot Sea Captain.  This is a cigar box that I dressed up.  I painted the scene onto a small piece of chipboard and screwed it onto the lid.  I painted the cigar box too, to make it look distressed. 
He is a dapper fellow with a lot of decorations from the Robot-Navy.  I painted it with intention to sell it, but can't bring myself to part with it. 

The Creepiest of Creepy Doll Heads!

I think that these two are sisters.  They came from the estate sale of a doll maker.  They were discarded at the bottom of a box and looked up at me with those terrifying eyes.  "Take us home" they said.  "Only if you promise no to haunt me dreams." I far so good.  They remind me of forgotten Hollywood Starlets.  What is it about disembodied doll heads that is just so creepy?

So there ya have it, my curiosities collection.  Maybe I can make it a little Christmassy by running some twinkle lights behind the jars.  I'm sure I can craft some tiny Santa hats for the heads.  Then we can have a Nightmare before Christmas! Thanks Tim Burton for the inspiration!


  1. I love this exchange: Dolls: "Take us home!" Amber: "Only if you promise to haunt my dreams." I have so-o-o-o been there with weird collectibles. And these, lady, are some weird collectibles! I love the handmade, dismembered fishnet legs with their "Lulu" embroidery and tiny heels; also, admiral robot sea captain guy. He's great! I need some glass jars/cases/whatever you call them like that, yours look so neat!

  2. I love curiosities...even more so when it's NOT Halloween. Seeing little doll heads and dangling doll limbs is dreadfully unexpected when it's not Halloween. And I, of course, love that, lol.

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!


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