Thursday, December 8, 2011

Charles Phoenix, my new Hero!

Boy Howdy, did I stumble across the coolest man in the Universe the other day!  I was searching for party planning ideas for a "Mad Men" themed party that my friend is throwing for her girlfriend's birthday.  She asked if they could host it in my apartment because, well, its already totally decorated in vintage style.  So of course I was thrilled to host the event and got right to Googling the phrase "Mad Men themed party".  I know with the huge popularity of the show that there would be multiple ideas on the subject.   what I didn't expect, was to find my new hero Charles Phoenix! 
He is a hilarious, pop culture commentator and entertainer that has a plethora of kitschy vintage talents.  He has his own internet test kitchen series, does field trips and tours across So-Cal and is the author of the book Americana the Beautiful.  He says that his life was forever changeds when he discovered a box of Home Vacation slides from the 1950's documenting a trip across the USA.  His love for Americana was cemented in place right then and there and became a serious collector of vintage slides.  He now has an entire room of slides called a Slibary and even has a Slibarian to help organize it!  Ever since he has been putting on humorous and educational slide shows using his collection.  O' how I want to attend one someday!

I stumbled upon his famous Flaming Astro Weenie appetizer recipe (as seen in the first pic) and was immediately enthralled.  I fell head first into his website and have been swimming around in his hilarious videos, and commentaries all day!  Here are a handful of his videos and believe me when I say that I WILL BE MAKING these things for the party! 

Frosty the Cheeseball Man: So tragic and delicious!

The Cherpumple: Part Desert, Part Mad Scientist Experiment! (Actually shot in my home town of Ventura!)

Fried Cereal: OMG, this man is a Genius!

The Famous Astro Weenie: #1 on my Must Make List!

There are TONS more videos over on his website.  Go..Go Now!  What are you still doing here?!  You won't be disappointed!


  1. Oh honey, let me tell you - this is a love that will never die. Charles is on my "I'd stalk and force him to marry me if I didn't already have a husband" list. You have just met your newest obsession. :)

  2. Hey Blogger? What are you eating my comments???

  3. I don't just love him. I want to be him! I think the fried cereal one is my favorite. But he had me at the Christmas-y string tie. What a find, what a find! Let us pause while I go watch all the videos on his page. Can't wait to see how your sixties' cocktail caper turns out!!

  4. next husband! Thanks for letting us in on this cool guy!

  5. he makes me so, so happy! i think i'm going to try making a cherpumple for new years.


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