Monday, December 5, 2011

12 Windows of Christmas

Time is just flying by these days!  We are on the downhill slope for Christmas now folks!  For me the season started on the Saturday & Sunday right after Thanksgiving.  This year, I once again had the good fortune to be hired as the Christmas Window painter for the Eldorado Mobile Home Estates park's clubhouse.  I did it last year and they enjoyed it so much they asked me back!  Hooray! 
The Nativity
I learned a valuable lesson when painting the windows this year... Always do the Nativity first (which thankfully I had), that way when the grumpy guy who wants to complain that you are painting Santa and Rudolph instead of the sweet little baby Jesus starts in on you, you can simply say "Did you check out that other window?"  Then he will go over to the other window and be pleasantly surprised and not lecture you so bad about the REAL meaning of Christmas! So, from now on, I'll always paint the Nativity first, just in case a grumpy Gus is lurking around.

Santa and his Pals
This window took the longest.  Santa has about 5 coats of red in his suit.  This year I didn't make full size sketches for the windows ahead of time.  I actually painted the line drawing directly to the glass with white, filled it all in with white (to make a base coat) and then did all of the color shading and outlining after that.  It took a little longer coming up with the idea on the spot, but I like the results!

Assorted Smaller Windows
I did candy canes and sweets around the office window. Wreaths, candles and trees decorated the smaller windows around the sides of the building.

Playful Penguins

I love these little guys! It was really fun to paint this scene. I wanted something Christmassy but not something too traditional.  I especially like the penguin who is getting hit with a snowball! 

I had such a good time painting the windows this year.  If you would like to see last years windows, click here.  Now that we are in December, I'm going to be busting out the tinsel tree and decorating the apartment.  More Christmas posts to come! Happy Holidays!


  1. Is there anything you CAN'T do?!You never seize to amaze me,I love the Penquin window, and the "Jimmy Duranty" nose on Santa! And I know know what I want to add to my repertoire of vintage Christmasery- a nativity to go one top of the piano in the lounge! :)

  2. I know Mick, Santa came out with quite a schnoz this time around! It turns out I LOVE to paint on windows. If I had a house that was on the street and single story, I'd be painting my own windows each year!

  3. These are soooo awesome! You have mastered this craft for sure. Merry Kitsch-mas to ya!

  4. Great Job!!! Rudolph is my favorite part :)

  5. WOW Im super impressed I've always been curious about who does window painting. lol Seriously I know that sounds weird but I see them everywhere & always wonder if the are some stick on decals made to look like paint or if someone takes the time to really paint it all. Yours look amazing! Love the penguins!


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