Monday, August 8, 2011

Y'all Come back now ya hear!

These fine fellers were rescued from my local swap meet a while back.  I bought them as a belated b-day present for my mom who has always had a fondness for mountain folk.  I know she will appreciate them and they will be much more at home in the rural Ohio Valley than at the beach here in California.  Just take one look as these moonshiners and tell me you aint smitten! 

I have dubbed them (from left to right) Zeke, Jed and Pappy

 Here's Zeke, the woodsman with his axe in tow.  He is jest 'bout ready to faint from exhaustion and needs himself a cool pull offa that jug Jed is baby sittin'.
 Watch out Jed, you best share that fire water, or Zeke might lay that axe down across your thick scull!
Jed is plum passed out!  I guess that moonshine is pretty strong and ya might say Jed has a weakness for it.
It's nuthin' new to Ol' Pappy, he's seen it all.
He's gotta hat full of stories if you've got an ear to bend!

These feller's have been together for a long while and can't wait to head back to the hills!

So whatta think, are these guys charming or what! I guess there was a time back in the 60's (inspired by the Beverly Hillbillies TV series maybe?) that promoted a romanticized version of hillbillies.  That's right, all of the fun and drunkenness without all the worry of poverty and lack of education.  Yee Haw!   These are about 11" tall and are plush with pose-able arms & legs.  I'd love to know when & where they came from but there are no maker's marks.  Perhaps they were prizes from a western themed amusement park?  That's as good a guess as any.  I'll sure miss em when they are shipped off but at least I know I can always go visit!


  1. Hee! I love them! And I'm with Jed on that moonshine. It'll bite you in your arse.

  2. Them fellers sure are cute! I'm sure your mom will love them! :)

  3. We used to get moonshine when I was a student at Jacksonville State U in northern Alabama and let me tell you, it would definitely grow hair on your chest! It was horrible but since we were in a dry county (and underage) it was the bootlegger or nothing. Those three lil guys are too darn cute and I loved your imaginative narrative. Mom is gonna love them.

  4. They'll be creepin' away, meetin' at the secret still in the Ozarks! You better tie them boys down!

  5. Ahhh these are too cute!!

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  6. How did you manage to get pictures from my family album down here in Missouri? LOL! Very cute!

  7. Those little hillbillies are after my own Tennessee heart, I think Pappy's my favorite. How cool was it you found the whole trio of them together? I hope they like their new home in Ohio.


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