Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beach + Bike = 1 great day!

 A couple of weekends ago, I hopped on my bicycle to do some adventuring.  I pedaled all over town and got some pretty cools picks along the way!

My trusty Schwinn Varsity

The city just re-opened a section of bike path that runs along the beach front.  It was under construction for years.  The path is so smooth and new!  It was a real treat to cruise along on it.  There is now room for both pedestrians and bicycles which is a big improvement!  There was an impromptu art installation beside the path too.  Hundreds of beach rock sculptures!  They look so cool popping up everywhere.  I really like that ordinary people are compelled to do this.  A little bit of art in an everyday setting is a nice sight.

Onward down the path is my favorite beach.  It is where the Ventura River meets the ocean.  Usually there are lots of marine birds splashing around in the water but today it seemed to be occupied in large part by this super green algae. 

Another great thing about this bike path is that is takes you right past the Fair Grounds, and when I took these pics, it was one week before the fair starts!  I sneaked in through a side gate and was able to bike all around the midway.  What a treat! 

I really love the art and colors used on these rides!  I think I missed my calling as a carnival operator.  I mean, have you seen my garage?

After the preview of the fair, I hit the bike path again towards the pier...

I guess by then the thought of all that delicious but not yet there, fair-food was getting to me.  Fortunately there was a nearby solution to my cravings!

Oh yeah, In N' Out --A California Institution!  I could not resist the wafting scent of grilled onions blowing in my direction and made a b-line to the fast food icon.  

Here is what you get if you are a vegetarian:  an "animal style" grilled cheese with french fries & a soda.  Mmmmm-Mmmm Good!  Let me just tell you that looking at this picture right now is making me hungry again.  I could seriously eat this 8 days a week.
After the best dinner ever, I had an uphill ride back home, probably not a bad deal considering my caloric intake a few moments earlier!  It was a beautiful ride and really makes me appreciate where I live and the life I lead.  I can't wait to do it again.  Till then, happy bike-trails to all!


  1. Oh god, I love that zombie dark ride! opefully the inside is as cool as the outside (they usually aren't.) And you don't know how much I miss In & Out Burger since moving back here to the midwest... even in veggie version, that picture is TORTURE to look at from this distance!

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. I had a brown Schwinn Collegiate 5 speed many moons ago, then moved "up" to a Fuji 10-speed. As soon as the ink was dry on my driver's license I quit riding bikes for years, but now I have some old ones (a future post) and would love to have a calm place to ride them like you have. That Zombie ride is too cool, as are all of your pics. Sigh, wish I was there :-)

  3. We did this same (almost!) exact ride! It's actually waiting to turn into a post (along with a months-ago trip to Solvang)...I'm so behind! But we are amazingly blessed to have such a beautiful ride so close. Also- LOVE grilled cheese animal style...mmmmmm! I add raw onions to it as well, plus a few sides of chiles- def not date food, but soooo good! :)

  4. You are soooooo lucky to be able to have all that to see in just one bike ride! All I get to see are your pix because it's too freaking hot here to go outside. While I was looking at your pix of the fair I kept thinking, "God, this is just like the movie 'Zombieland' without the zombies", and then there's the zombie ride! Cool!!! Can't say that sandwich would entice me--my grilled cheese is only allowed to have a few dill pickle slices, and Sonic makes 'em just the way I like 'em. Great post, girlfriend!

  5. How fun! Which fair is it? L.A. or Orange County? I used to go to all of them in the area.

  6. it's the Ventura County fair! i am totally guilty of buying a beach cruiser and not using it. it's at my mom's house and right now with the 90 degree weather i don't feel like going anywhere outside! that zombie ride is one of my favorites. you've got a lot of cool pictures in here!


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