Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Double Parked - Oldies but Goodies

 Howdy folk's I just have a quickie post today, before I have to get back to my day job!  Shhhh ;-)  I realized that I have a small collection of pics taken with my phone that feature other old cars parked next to my old car!  Its a funny thing but when you drive an oldie, and you see another oldie, you tend to park side by side if possible.  Its just nice to pretend for a second that its another time, back in the good old days when not every car looked the same 

Best Friends

This first car is one that I know well :-)  It belongs to my best friend/neighbor/cohort Stephanie.  She and I get into some crazy schemes.  She did after all just tow a vintage trailer along with me for the big b-day campin' adventure.  Her and I basically take turns being being Lucy & Ethel which makes our poor boyfriends Ricky and Fred.  It is, to our amusement (not the boyfriend's) a pretty sweet deal!   Her car is a '65 Ford Falcon names Shirley.  Ironically, my car is named Lucy aka the Diamond in the Rust

Les is More

 This stunning beauty on the left belongs to my car buddy Les.  I met Les through the sign shop I work at when he needed a reproduction decal made for his vintage Cardinal canned ham trailer (which matches this car!).  He is a true cut up and has restored several cars and trailers over the years including a 1940's teardrop.  
 It is shaped kind of like a little breadbox; tall and short.  It comes in shorter than my wagon, but has a bigger engine.  He has taken it and his trailer to lots of vintage trailer rallies in California. 

Turquoise in and out!  The last time that I saw Les, he was in the shop ordering graphics for his latest project, a Willys jeep.  He told me, that this vintage gem above was recently hit by another car while parked on his residential street.  Apparently a teenage girl was talking on her cell phone while driving and somehow ran into the side of the wagon! It wasn't totaled but thousands of dollars worth of damage was done!


The Ultimate Surf Wagon
 This avocado green and faux wood paneled behemoth surprised me one day at the bank.  I had parked solo, and when I got back from the ATM, there she was!  It belongs to a very nice Naval Officer who I chatted with for a good ten minutes. He said he inherited it from his uncle and can remember taking family trips in it when he was a youngster! 
 It screams 1970's pre gas crisis!  It has an engine comparable to a Mac truck and comes in 6" longer than a Chevy Suburban of the same vintage.  It totally eclipses my lil' Dart wagon, and it's not often that I think my car looks small!

 Roof rack & tow hitch, this baby is ready for camping and towing a fishing boat!

Imagine a teenage boy showing up for a date driving this "bedroom on wheels", lol!

It has the original paint and a few nice aftermarket touches like the big Moon Eyes hub caps and a rear view mirror shaped like a surfboard.  It is a real head turnin' gas guzzler! 

A true surf wagon

 Home Sweet Home
One of the best parts of owning a big old car is definitely taking a nap in the front seat!  There is plenty of leg room and there is always a nice view 


  1. Nice collection! I'm inching closer with my Comet wagon, but it's so HOT here that I can't even stand to be outside to work on it right now.

  2. Oh wow! Great collection up there! I'm myself fascinated by vintage cars. Glad I found this post by mistake! :).. 'Bedroom on wheels' Lol :D.. I'll surely be back for more of such interesting stuff over here! :)

  3. I L.O.V.E. the surf wagon. It belongs to one of my favorite coworkers. Lunch trips are always better in the wagon! :)

  4. Love these pics! It's hard to find a station wagon today that has the the panache of these models.

  5. I love these!! I think one of the coolest things about old cars are the colors! Why don't they make cars of those colors anymore? They're all so boring now.

  6. So funny, cars like my folks had considered cool. I thought the 40's stuff was cool and the 70's stuff was ugly lollll Now I'm appreciating it all.

  7. ahh you make me miss ventura so much! i FINALLY just today got teh interwebz up and running after a long 4 months of not having it and the first place i stopped was blogger! for some reason you had dropped off my list of blogs i follow but thank goodness you had left me a few comments! hope all is well =)

  8. hmm no it wasn't just my imagination... despite me subscribing to your blog it doesn't stay on my list. wonder if anyone else has that problem?


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