Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Trails - Vintage Camping Part II: The Destination

We scooted in just under the wire for camping at Lake Casitas.  It seemed that everyone and their grandma decided to go camping that weekend!  Lake Casistas has lots of camping spots, most elbow to elbow with your fellow campers (not so fun) but we discovered that the over flow area was just right for us.  It was a big open pasture with loosely grouped sites.  We did our best to find one in the dark and made quick business of setting up camp.  When we woke up the next morning we were surprised by the view!

It was a beautiful day!
Our little Hillbilly Heaven :-)

The Gypsy/Circus tent

Bringing up the rear in our wagon train was the station wagon!

Stephanie's mighty Falcon made it all the way!
Comforts from home, pink flamingos and a pirate flag

Oh, yes!  We were happy campers!  Also, check out that original 60's license plate
 We had a small group for the first night, it was just Stephanie, myself, John, Ray and Jenn but around 1 pm the rest of the party people and some more campers showed up too!

Tim playing Ray's National Guitar

My bro Ben & his girlfriend Alison

Pup tents!

Under the ole shade tree

My papa!

Molly & Jaymee!

Lady Jaymee :-)

John & Aesop

Me an' my honey :-)

Julie & John

Stephanie lookin' cute.
The sun started to get lower in the sky and we ate hamburgers and hotdogs, s'mores and watermelon! Oh yeah and birthday cake that was shaped like a giant cupcake (thanks Molly!). 

Here's me really being on top of things!

The kiddos really took to the tent trailer, maybe it is because it looks like a bounce house!  We even had a little boy from an adjacent campsite some over and brought his little suitcase like he was moving in.  We had to alert his parents that he wanted to join the circus!

Brothers having fun in the tent trailer.
This is what the mosquitos see!

His shirt matches the trailer.  Cute.
The sun was so wonderful!

 We just winded down with the sunset.  We made a fire and played games under the moonlight!  Some us stayed up really late but I turned in early....I'm not as young as I used to be ya know!  It was a wonderful party and I thanks all my friends & family and everyone who helped make it happen! 



  1. Very cool post, looks like a good time was had by all. So do you get flies and other bugs out there this time of year? Glad to see the Falcon and Dart made it, did you have many hills to climb? I'm guessing both cars have drum brakes, any scary moments? You're inspiring me to keep pushing on my Comet wagon and the Shasta. :-)

  2. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! Looks like such fun! And now that youR "hitched" I'll be expecting you and yours right sharply for Check In at the "Casablanca Motor Court" ;)

  3. I'm glad u got to make ur trip happen- looks like u had a great time! What a great way to celebrate ur birthday! Fun pics, too!

  4. Well, Happy Birthday! What a great idea for a birthday weekend. It looks like you had a great time and how could you not? I LOVE the pink flamingo - perfect!

  5. You are awesome. And now I see why you've been such a great member of the GJB Fan Club--your dad looks like mine! Happy belated birthday, sweetie!

  6. Love to see other folk having fun camping. I myself burned out on it when I did field work for a decade lol...

    Happy belated Birfday! :)

  7. BEST. IDEA. Love the colors on the tent trailer, it's so neat! Looks like you guys had fun! Happy belated birthday! Also, can I get that dress you're wearing in the "on the hood" photo. C-U-T-E.

  8. I love the first photo. The scenery is very good to look at. Cool for my eyes.

    You all look so happy on those photos posted.

    Cassy from Download Guitar Lessons


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