Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Bloggy Love!


Since my own sweetie is out of town on this day of hearts, I figured I'd share some love and feature some blogs that I really heart and that you may not have heard of yet!

Meet my pot-bellied Cupid pal, Val.  Take it away Val!
Click the Blog Name to visit that blog!  Let's give some V-Day Blog lovin' to:

Penned by the lovely Miss Lauren Atom, who is a fellow Ventura resident!  She loves vintage goods and Tiki styles.  She frequents the local thrift shops and swap meets and its a real wonder I haven't met her in person yet!  She is new to blogging and could use a few readers to get the wheels-a-turnin' .  Give her a peek and tell her Amber Von Felts sent ya! 

This blog has a lotta bit of everything!  From crazy thrift store treasures to original art painted onto recycled pizza boxes, you will be eternally entertained!  She has a super cute puppy dog to boot!

This blog has a lot of neat DIY designs.  The author lives in New York and has a definite East Coast vibe to it.  She visits a lot of museums and parks and to me, a West Coaster, that is really refreshing!  I like her minimal aesthetic.  She has an iron will when it comes to resisting thrift bargains, but what she does bring home is carefully chosen.  It would be fabulous if she had more followers because then I wouldn't be the only one commenting on her posts.  She must be thinking...who the hell is this Amber Von Felts?

This blog has 3 contributors, so you are guaran-dang-teed to find a nice variety of topics on all kinds o' vintage stuff.  I particularly liked the basket fulla clown heads and the creepy as all get out painting of zombie-waif children escaping from some sort of  concentration camp.  Wierd, yes.  Wonderful...yes yes yes.

 Here ya go fellas, and courageous ladies!  This is THE PLACE for manly testosterone filled nostalgia.  From pulpy skin-mags to a Photoshopped rendition of Garth from Wayne's World as "Garth Vader" you will be reeling in one awesome post after another.  Not to mention the trip down the lost and forgotten section of VHS history.  I love this is my new addiction!  More 80's than 60's but hey, I actually LIVED through the 80's!  The posts are frequent, short and sweet, ensuring I can come back often and always see something new!  Phoney Fresh is totally rad!

 There is just something about her writing style & southern hospitality that won me over immediately!  She's got good taste in music and tchotchkes and is a great "show and teller".   She just recieved a two blog awards, The Stylish Blogger and the Versitile Blogger!  She certainly deserved them!  Check out what all she has to offer!  You will love her I just know it!    

So that's it friendly folks!  Go out and eat some chocolates, drink up some bubbly and have a great V-Day!   


  1. Hope your V-day was extra special even tho your man was out of town! Something tells me it was!

  2. Wow, thanks for the plug Amber! I'm really glad you enjoy my blog, actually I've gotta start working in more 60's stuff soon (lord knows I have plenty). I'm also glad my friend CC convinced me to revive the thing! Happy Valentines Day to you and keep up the great work!

  3. There are just too many good blogs out there! My husband says I spend too much time at the computer (and iPhone) as it is and now OF COURSE I'm going to have to check out these intriguing blogs too!!!!

  4. Thanks, thanks, thanks! Both for the recommendations and being recommended! I was reading this post and I was like...hey! That's me! It was like hearing your name on tv or something. :)

  5. Oh wow! You drew Val? You are AWESOME!!!!!

  6. Happy Valentine's!!! [runnin' late here aren't I?]
    Haha, Thanks a lot for the linkage! Very cool!!!
    :))) Gizmo says thank you as well, he is blushing!


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