Friday, February 11, 2011

Brand New Blogger Buddy!

Hello fans of I.H.E!  Have I got a surprise for you!  I'd love to introduce you all to my best friend/neighbor/partner in crime Stephanie, who has just started blogging!  Say Hi Stephanie!  (hee hee she doen't know I'm making this post)

She is a super awesome person and lo' and behold is a fellow junk lovin' vintage wearin' old car drivin' fool like myself.  She owns a '65 Ford Falcon, 2 VW Beetles and a Moped for starters!  Her blog is all about her "Do it Yourself" mentality when it comes to fixing up her many projects. I know all of us can relate to that!

So, without further ado, please visit her brand spankin' new blog...

She only has two posts so far so y'all can really start at the ground level.  Believe me, this is like the sister blog to I HEART EVERYTHING because her and I are practically sisters in real life!  Follow her adventures, you won't be disappointed! 

As for my blog and my big One Year Celebration Givaway....stay TUNED!  Lets just say I'm taking a cue from Bob Barker and featuring a few "Showcase" prizes!  Also get ready for a revamp over here with new colors and pics.  Its time to redecorate!  Yippie!!!


  1. Nice to meet you Stephanie- welcome to the addictive world of blogging! :)

  2. I will check out her lil blog immediately. That's so nice of you to mention her!!!

  3. All right! Loving those glasses of Stephanie's. I'm heading over to her blog right now.


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