Monday, April 11, 2011

Lookin' Good: Blog & Home Redecorating!

Well, I haven't been posting, but I have been re-designing this here blog.  Its gotten a lil' makeover and I'm still tweaking it a bit.  I figured since I haven't posted since Valentines Day (shameful!) I'd remedy that right now!  How about a show and tell of  my Boudoir? Ooh La La!  I've been re-designing it too so lets take a look!

My apartment-- to put it nicely,  was eclectically designed.  I say "designed" very loosely though.  More like "cobbled together from junkyard bits n' pieces".  But hey, it is none-the-less Mid Century and it is definitely my style.  Really, its all I have ever wanted in an apartment.  Its up stairs, very sunny and I very eclectic! 

Although most of the architectural decisions seem to have been made by a blind carpenter, my bedroom excels in quirkiness.  It is small but very sunny due to the fact that is 99% windows.  As best I can tell, this room used to be a sun porch and was "walled" in with a lot of windows.  The largest of them actually is on the interior wall, and would usually look into the living room.  I have made that window/wall a giant chalkboard though and now no one would be the wiser!  Here are some shots from my crazy but cozy bedroom:
 This is what you see right as you walk in...pretty much all bed, all the time.  This is the only configuration for the bed.  The room is just too tiny for any other line-up, believe me I have tried!  Oh yeah, and the windows..could there be any more windows? What you see to the left is the chalkboard, yet another window in disguise!

Lets go clockwise and see whats over to the left...

Here is my built in shelf, piled with books, my crazy toy collection and car mags from the 50's - 60's.  The cabinet below is an old steel case display cabinet from the Port Hueneme Navy Base.  I got it for free from some yard sale left overs (the kid said his dad hauled it home originally).  I added the little spindle legs.  I really like the outcome.  It is such a new addition to the room I haven't even put anything in it yet!  Very unlike me :-)  Also you can see my creepy clown gravel art, another recent find and some drawings on the board.  It serves as a idea board and a place for my boyfriend to draw Mr. Dicknose, yeah you read that correctly.  Apparently his favorite character, since middle school (obviously, lol).
Note to self, erase chalk board!

More of the fantastic art on the chalk board (she said sarcastically) and my display of Vintage Sci-Fi paperbacks.  They were an epic warehouse sale buy.  Also, my 1950's mirrored shadow box with nick nacks.

Here is my clever cover-up of a door leading to my front porch!  Yup, if you were so inclined and there wasn't a bed blocking the door, you could saunter out to the porch, a mere 5 feet away from the other door that takes you into the apartment.  (Remember the blind carpenter? - He strikes again!)  That curtain treatment is a combo of cutting up 1 king size sheet and also this NIP straight from the 60's sheer curtain panel

Yup, that my friends is a chandelier with bubble lights in it!  I also haven't quite outgrown my stuffed animals. 

Now we are back to the bed.  Short trip huh?  This sunny spot is a favorite napping place for just about every cat in the immediate vicinity.  Who can blame them?  I've enjoyed some super sunny naps here too! So, here we are at another one of my new acquisitions, this absolutely fabulous 1960's dresser: 

I found this amazing dresser at a rummage sale a few weekends ago.  It immediately spoke to me and even though I didn't really have the space for it, I swooped it up for $20.00!!!  It came with a vanity mirror which is stowed under my bed. It took considerable re-arranging to get this dresser where its at. I had to remove the shelves that were previously here and all of the crap that had accumulated on said shelves, but it was worth it!

Look at that sweet detail.  Isn't she lovely?

My cat likes it too.  She enjoys spying on the neighbor cats from here.  But she's not the only thing taking up residence atop the dresser...

I am queen of the nick nacks!

I found this painting at a junk shop and really fell in love with it.  It is a water color, on aged and torn paper depicting an old shop and an old car.  It reminds me of Ohio.  Also, this lil' owl guy is a night light, bringing up the lamp count for this tiny room to 4 or 5 if you count the ceiling light. Yowza.  that's a lotta lamps.  But who doesn't love lamps? You know you all do!  

So that concludes my lil' tour of the ever so scandalous boudoir over at I.H.E. headquarters.  Its good to be posting again.  In fact, I will be announcing my give-away prizes this week.  So get ready for more fabulousness!


  1. Thanks for the intimate peek into your crazily-built but wonderfully-decked bedroom! I love the dresser- what a score! And that little owl- sigh. SO cute! I love lamps too...but I have nowhere to put any more, so it stops me (for now!) from getting any more! Nice blog redesign- lovin' the yellow!

  2. Ahhhh, the I.H.E. drought is broken! Nice score on that dresser. I like the re-do on the blog, and brave you to show of the boudoir.

  3. Great little room, its looks really cozy and happy, I really like small spaces so I'd love it too. Nice dresser, I've never seen one like that here in Australia, good score!

  4. LOVE THE BRIGHT LIGHT CHANDILERE! I too would have swooped that dresser up, im currenty looking ofr a cradenza for the turquoise room. OH and you dont even have to get me started on the "Blind Carpenter" I think he started here in Texas and made his way out West haha as the bedroom of the Casablanca is built quite the same haha! Good to hav eyou blogging, and a sweet little alcove!

  5. I LOVE YOUR BEDROOM!!! It looks awesome! I adore how you used different materials for the curtains and have the floral one in there as well. This bedroom is COOL!!! I want to have a sunny nap in that corner of the room, along with the cats!!! I think if I laid down there, I might never get up again!!!

  6. That bed makes me want to take a nap... How cozy and inviting! I love a sunny bedroom. Your dresser is beautiful and the chandelier with the bubble lamps...WOW! Your boudoir is amazing. I love your style girl!

  7. I've been checkin out your sweet new blog set-up every few days! Love the blog-o-vision! :D
    & That chandelier is a dream!
    Bubble lights = <3!

  8. can i just say how much i love this room? i do! it's amazing! i love your style!

  9. The blog is lookin extra minty-fresh! Bravo! Hope we can see more of the pad soon too!

  10. Wow, that dresser is KILLER!

  11. Very cute room! I love the chalkboard the sheet and sheer curtain idea. That dresser is lovely and so is all of your little nick nacks.

  12. You have the most cheerful place! The chalkboard and the masking-a-door-to-be-a-wall-with-fabric solution are such great ideas. Also, I can't believe that dresser. A STEAL. So glad you're back blogging! I need to take a lesson and shape up on timely posts, too! :)

  13. wow $20 for that dresser?
    Great find!

  14. I am in love with your boudoir! Embrace the turquoise, sista!


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