Thursday, January 20, 2011

Swap & Shop at Atta Boy Vintage

Last week me and three girlfriends went to the 1st of a series of "Shop & Swap" events held at Atta Boy Vintage in my home town, Ventura, CA.  It was a really fun evening of browsing and trading your own vintage for that of other guests and the shop's own merchandise!  I myself brought two paper grocery bags full of excess vintage items and the other girls brought some of their stuff too.   Stephanie & I got gussied up in some vintage gear to look the part!

 The chappeau belonged to the shop.  I felt like a total mannequin in it!
 Stephanie showing off one of her awesome trade acquisitions.

Even this fella got dressed up!
 I don't know your name buddy but I'm diggin' the Hawaiian! 

How It worked: Those those of us who brought items to trade put our names and an approximate value on each item.  The items all went onto tables, and people mingled.  If you saw something you liked you looked for the person with a name tag that matched the name on the item.  Then you played "Let's Make a Deal" and you showed them what you had brought.  If they saw something they liked, then you made a trade!  The TRADE BELL was then exuberantly rung and everyone clapped and cheered!

All the REALLY big names were in attendance...

 The Kennedy's dropped by...

 Marilyn just breezed by for a minute...

Oh yes, ALL the big names were there!

The shop recently moved to bigger digs and it was still jam packed with great stuff everywhere you turned!

 There are 3 count 'em..3 beaters on this mixer!

 A beautiful set of Blue Heaven...only $25!!

 Oh how I want this chair...bit outta my price range though!

 Super sweet old cigarette machine.  You don't see these very often!

 Neat old reel to reel Hi-Fi equipment

Knick Knacks galore!

Funny naughty plate!

We all did really well in the trading department.  I got a sweet yellow metal Tonka truck and an old radio.  I let the other girls use some of the other items I brought to help them make trades.  Andi got a vintage cook book.  Charlene got a few knick knacks and really cute wiener dog painting :-)  But Stephanie did the best of us all!  Check out her haul:

She got the radio from me, but on the same!  There is a Vintage Make-up Counter mirror, which lights up...novelty plates featuring weird illustrations of drunks....and a store display of Bromo-Seltzer!!  

These crack me up!

The mirror isn't in perfect shape, but that's okay because she plans on using it daily!

Here is is all lit up.  Its so brilliant!

It was a great event and we will definitely be going back for the next one!  Super Duper thanks to Adrienne and Chris, the owners of Atta Boy Vintage for thinking of an hosting the "Shop & Swap"!!!  We will see you next time!


  1. Wow that looked like a fun place to go! Wish I had something like that around here I would be in heaven. =)

  2. MAN!!! I super-need to get out more! I didn't even know they moved :( That's some fun stuff you got to partake in- just might see you there next time!

  3. That pattern, Blue Heaven, has been popping up everywhere! I'm glad to know what it is. I got two pieces last week! Zootsuitmama

  4. Attagirl, Amber! Thanks so much for the review and great photos. We'll be doing another Shop n' Swap in February. I'll keep you posted!

  5. It was super fun to meet you, Amber! I *love* my mushroom pins!

  6. HAha! I love those plates! Looks like a good place to be!


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