Friday, January 21, 2011

Hollywood Swingin' - Madame Tussauds Wax Museum Part 1

My awesome Dad recently got an invitation to the re-launch party for KCET, a public television station out of Los Angeles which was to be held at the Madame Tussauds wax museum in Hollywood!  He invited me and my two friends Stephanie and Ray to come along for a night of music and Wax Celebrities!  It was a real blast!

 You can see Grauman's Chinese Theater peeking out next door

It was a beautiful set-up and very well attended!  Lots of public tv lovin' folks here!  This is the roof top patio where the big band was set up.  There was catering but let me tell you, we barely saw a scrap of that food...public tv lovin' folks like their food the same way they like their programming...FREE!

Our musical accompaniment for the evening

They were all in zuit suits!

We basically had free reign on the wax museum.  It was crowded, but you were able to pose with the wax for photos and boy did we get a lot of pics! See if you can identify all the Celebs.

My Papa!

Senor Ray Jay

Stephanie & I 

 I like this picture because it looks like Buffy is my dad's irritable teenage daughter.  I'm sure I have made that face a time or two :-)

Mama always was like a box of chocolates!

I had to wait in line behind two grandmas for this pic.  The ladies love the Clooney!

I need a favor...I'll do anything in return!

This one is so great!  It looks like they are old pals

Just hangin' around...without a cause

 Oh Mr. Stuart...can I call you Jimmy?  I feel so close to you!

 All the figures were made from actual casts of the subjects bodies, therefore life-size and exact.  That being said, John Wayne was a HUGE guy!

 This was the most lifelike figure there...kinda creepy!

 Kobe & someone's nanna!

Which one is the real person?

 Are you trying to seduce me?

 Hee Hee...This one is cute!

 My dad said he felt right at home on the bridge of the Enterprise

 This is Stephanie's fave!  She loves Glee!

 Mr. Demille, I'm ready for my close-up!

Out of all of the figures we saw here is my favorite...
MY FATHER FIGURE ...awwwww!  I'm sappy!

Thanks for the great night Papa!  I love you :-)


  1. That looks like a lot of fun, great photos!

  2. I think that Jack Nicholson picture is one of my faves! :) Looks like a really fun night. I'm surprised- Brad Pitt and Clooney both didn't really look that great. Kobe is amazing! And I think your ending is the best. :)

  3. Wow, those are incredibly life-like. It's almost creepy. Almost.

  4. Very cool!!

    Ahhh is that why all of a sudden KCET is showing different shows and "call letters" on the different channels, like 28.1, 28.2 etc? They were showing excellent documentaries all day long on 28.4, now it's a lot of foreign news. Boo =(

  5. tons of fun! I love all the pictures!

    amber! why won't it let me follow your blog! help me!


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