Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keep On Truckin'

The other day John & I were tipped off by my neighbor/friend/old car lover that there were some Junkyard Dinosaurs parked behind a car shop in our neighborhood.  They were two very old Dodges (I have a soft spot for Dodges) and they were practically fossilized!  They did make for some good pictures and for someone ambitious enough, they would make really great projects!

This is an old Dodge Work truck, I don't know the exact model but there are some telling emblems on it

A face only a mother could love!

 Some days I feel job-rated!

Maybe its an early Dodge Ram?  I just dunno!

Nice original Black plates!  I might have to sneak over there with a screwdriver....shhhh!

Me being me, I naturally love this old delivery wagon!

 Its got more freckles than Morgan Freeman!

 Nice emblems!  They look like an early Mopar Polara symbol

Got a "little" rust problem?

Well folk's can you imagine yourself sitting here?  They are for sale after all!

I just love the colors on the cars, the natural oxidization of old Detroit steel get me goin!  You know what has the same natural palette...

 ...This beautiful California Sunset!

I captured this vision on my way home from work last week.  I just had to pull over and snap some pics.  I was driving my old jalopy, Lucy the Dodge Dart wagon.  Maybe someday those old cars up there will be driving again under these skies! 


  1. Ooooo the wagon is perty! Me likey! The color too! I kind of like the rust on it too, looks like frosting :)

  2. Beautiful sky photos! You do realize that surface rust on a solid old car or truck is nothing to us Easterners, who can barely find anything this old here that isn't rusted and rotted completely. I'd love to have either of those Dodges, but then, my project to do list is already kinda long. Somebody should grab one of those ;-)

  3. Oh I hope someone rescues those beauties! Your sunset photos are beautiful as well. We love the same things.

  4. I would take either of those in a hot second! Thankfully my hubby is a mechanic by trade- he could tackle it for sure! One of these days, though, I hope to score an old V.W. Bus to fix up. Great sky pics, too!

  5. lol.. I just searched 'Sunset' on Google and those two pictures cam up first.


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