Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Bottomless Ebay Shelf

Good news on the Ebay-a-Thon!!  My items have been selling and after Ebay and Paypal are done with a sale,  and I pack up and label each package and then schlep them to the post office and discover how I undercharged for shipping.... a little bit o' money trickles my way!

Its just a few bucks here and there, but its a nice back-up for putting gas in the ol' wagon or buying some groceries or heaven sakes....some gifts!

Thanks to the window painting gig, I was also able to finally purchase my plane tix back to Ohio for the lofty sum of $525!!  That folks, is 1.5 times more money than I make in a week at my day job!  Gak!  Oh well, it'll be worth it to get felt up by a TSA agent and be x-rayed and have all my belongings rifled through and be charged for any extra baggage I have and....oh I sounding Bah-Humbuggy?  OK, OK, lets get back in the mood here...Let me just put on some tunes...

Ah yeahh.....I feel better already!!

Here are some more of my Ebay offerings...Some are Christmas...some are just plain neat.  If you see something you like, please check out the auction or pass it on to your Vintage Lovin' Buddies.  Don't forget to tell Santa too.  Thanks folk's and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

 Kissin' Angels Figurines

 Cute lil' plastic figurines of kissin' cute!

To Check Out the Auction Click HERE

Hand Blown Glass Tree Topper

 The box reads:  "Created  by European Craftsmen in the Old World Tradition" ooooh fancy schmancy!

To Check Out the Auction Click HERE

Vintage Knee Hugging Elves
I feel like these guys should have some names, like Impy and Stimpy or something.  Aren't they CUTE!
To Check Out the Auction Click HERE

Well Loved Glass Ornaments
These have been used a lot over the years but the graphics are really cool.  Just check out that one with the Beatnik style instruments on it!  To Check Out the Auction Click HERE

Now, for some Non-Christmassy Vintage Stuff!

Vintage Frosted Glass Ceiling Light Fixture Covers
I had picked these up to go in my own apartment but they didn't retro-fit to my newer light fixtures, and since I rent, I'm not gonna go rewiring the place.  I hope someone out there will need them :-)  

To Check Out the Auction Click HERE

Pink Melmac Gravy Boat
Just your everyday super cute pink gravy boat! 

To Check out the Auction Click HERE

Song Book for the Musical Play "Kentucky" c.1948 

Now, this is a rare find...probably one of a kind.  It is a Chorus song and costume direction book for the singers of this play based on the crazy antics of a town of Hillbillies!  Its pretty darn funny to read the music and costume descriptions!  Just look at that cover, those Hillbillies are going hog wild!
To Check out the Auction Click HERE

Now that I have my plane tickets, I can't wait to visit my own Hillbilly family! 
Merry Christmas Everyone :-)


  1. Cool stuff! It seems like we're all trying to sell things, though, which is why sales aren't what they should be. I finally sold something out of my Etsy store but it has been major slow going. Oh well, something's better than nothing, right? Merry Xmas to you, too!

  2. I'm so glad you were able to get your ticket! I'd love to see the windows you did. :) I didn't see that the super-cute candy dish sold...did you get to keep it, I hope? If I hadn't already spent some Christmas money on myself (for shame!), I woulda loved to snatch that up. Enjoy your time with famimly- have a Merry Christmas!

  3. oops...not famimly! Better lay off the eggnog...!

  4. I'm loving my ashtray and the extra special goodies Amber. I also would love to see the windows you painted if you can get some photos of them. Glad you will be able to make your trip, have a great Christmas!!!

  5. Congrats!
    I to have been ebayin' so much!...I quit my job so kinda have to! Haha. but it's worth it. and it's exciting and fun. kinda :)


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