Tuesday, December 21, 2010

That's the Ticket! How I earned my Christmas airfare!

I was fortunate enough to snag a window painting gig this year at a mobile home park in Fillmoore, CA.  The lady who hired me was calling sign shops asking for someone who paints windows.  Right as my boss was telling her that our shop  does no such thing, my radar hearing kicked in and I started waving my hands around like a crazy person!  My boss immediately switched gears saying "Well there is a fabulous artist I know, her name is Amber..let me put her on the phone!"  I went out to do an estimate and take measurements.  There were 15 windows total, some singles and some picture window size.  After some negotiating the manager and I settled on $400 for the whole kit and caboodle! They turned out pretty good, take a look!
What I did first was lay down a coat of white paint in the rough shapes of my pictures to make an opaque surface to put colors over...

The Nativity

Santa & His Reindeer

One of about 6 wreaths
I also put a sketch of some of the designs on the inside of the window so I could duplicate them exactly.  This also saved time on-site since I had my designs worked out ahead of time!  Once I had the basics layout, I started to paint in the details.  I used plain old acrylic craft paints like Apple Barrel brand...nice & cheap.  The art isn't going to be there forever so expensive paint wasn't necessary.

 Now, here are the completed color versions...

The Nativity

I like that I made even the animals look pious
You Better Look Out...Santa Claus is Comin To Town!

The Festive Wreaths

There's Lucy, my ol' Dart Wagon in the shot.  ;-)
Freehand Scenes

Once I got the tough scenes done, I felt a little more confident.  I free handed all of the other windows, just coming up with ideas on the spot.  It was so much fun!  All of the residents of the complex were super friendly and loved watching me paint.  I didn't mind the audience one bit!

Snowman meets Snow woman...a love story
This is my favorite one.  The details are really cute.

Mr. Snowman has a red heart for his sweet heart!

Ms. Snow Woman coquettishly waves hello...
The cardinal sings a love song!  They all live Happily Ever After at the North Pole!
A Very Disney Christmas

I hope Disney doesn't come after me for this one...I kinda borrowed their style a little!

Little blue birds decorating the Christmas tree!

Lil' squirrel brought a present...but the rabbit forgot his!

Odds N' Ends

Ornaments Galore!  They are fast and easy to make!

I did these all around the office of the manager's office.

Also fast & Easy!

And lastly, something sweet...The Candy Canes!

This was the last window I painted.  I kinda wish I had done more candy canes, they came out nice!

So, whaddya think?  This was my first attempt at Holiday Window Painting for fun & Profit!  The manager said she would definitely call me back next year.  One of the residents told me it was the best job they had seen over the years.  Oh, wait...you wanna hear the best part...I don't even have to come back & remove the paint, they are going to do it themselves!  Now that's a sweet deal.  

I think next year I'll make up some fliers and start advertising myself.  Especially now that I have some experience & examples of my work!  It was definitely a great way to get my foot in the door and my paint on the window!  


  1. Those windows turned out great! If you get more of these gigs next year, you'll be able to fly to Hawaii next Christmas!

  2. I would love to fly to Hawaii for Christmas!!! Or anytime for that matter :-)

  3. Love, Love, Love the windows! Thanks so much for sharing. :) I'm glad you showed step by step, too- I always like to know the how-to's. They all came out great, and super-bonus that you don't have to go back, haha!

  4. You are amazing! Have a great trip and happy holidays to you!

  5. They all turned out just fantastically well!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  6. How cu-u-u-u-ute! Those snowmen are too much, love it. Good work!

  7. I think they got the deal of the century--you did an incredible job! Merry Xmas to you--enjoy your well-earned trip!!!!

  8. Wow! What talent..I am impressed! You should go to some stores, even grocery stores and offer your talents for every holiday! Zootsuitmama

  9. You did an awesome job! I especially love the snow people (her cute lips!) and the scene with the woodland animals around the tree.

    I agree that you should go around to some other stores if you enjoy the work. I saw a news story once about people who have jobs painting cute scenes on restaurant and grocery store menu boards. They get to be as creative as they want and they made really good money too!


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