Friday, December 10, 2010

More Ebay Comin Atcha!

Well, I have been successful with a few things on Ebay! The Fiestaware, atomic ashtray and Club Cooking Pot have all sold!  Super special thanks to Uncle Atom cuz he is the new owner of the ashtray!  Which is on its way with some extra goodies for ya!  Here is the next installment of Vintage Goodness on the "Get Amber to Ohio Christmas Ebay-a-thon!"  If you guys see something you like or something another would like, please share the links.  If nuthin' else, you get to ogle some kewl stuff.  Y'all are awesome!

Hamilton Beach Kitchen Mixer w/ Accessories

  This one is a real beaut!  It comes with orig. manual, bowls and accessories!  It's in 100% working condition too.  Its from 1948...wowee!  
To view the auction, CLICK HERE

Mid Century Turquoise Candy Dish

I love this one!  Its shaped like leaves and is in nearly flawless condition, there is one teensy tiny lil' chip on the point of that left corner.  Its so small though, you can barely see it.  I'd totally keep this one for myself if I wasn't on a mission. :-)

To view the auction, CLICK HERE

There are other items that are not-so-vintage and you can see them HERE:

A big contribution to my plane ticket fund was a Christmas Window Painting Gig that I got last week.  I painted 15 windows with holiday themes and I'll make a post of that soon.  It was a real blast and I'm really stoked how they turned out.  Stay Tuned & Happy Holidays!! 

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  1. =O

    I just cruised past that auction with the oranges in the double leaf dish today! And I saw the ashtray as well. Didn't know they were yours!


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