Thursday, October 28, 2010

Peace Love and Blogginess!

Since my camera situation is still sorting itself out, I culled my computer for picks from this summer.  I found this awesome set of pics, taken in Santa Barbara, CA.  My BF and I had gone up for the day and had a great time eating breakfast at Sambo's, walking along the beach (it was an art in the park day) and hanging out on State Street.  While we were down on the beach, we happened upon a self professed Super Hippie and his magical Hippie Van!  Dig these crazy pics man!   

Here is the Hippie himself!  He goes by One Feather and shares the message of "One World living in Peace"  through the moving art of his van, which is called "The Temple of One Love"


The van was covered from stem to stern with STUFF!!  So much STUFF!!

I love the strands of beads and the Wiener Mobile!

David is just chillin' on the dashboard..probably working on his tan

E.T. is up on the roof, hangin' ten!

Once I saw the pink Flamingo, I new this guy was allllllrighhhht, man!

The Temple is really loaded down, I can't even imagine his gas mileage..I get the feelin' he doesn't move it very far.  He is like a turtle, home is wherever he is!

Internet fame, naturally.

I see Cheech and Chong haning out too.

The inside living space was pretty tidy.

I really liked this  regal lion on the radio antenna.

 Knock knock, who's there....Mr. Owl of course!

I guess we are all part of the same race, The Human Race!  Now how's that for a California Landmark?  I guess the saying is right, California is nothing but Fruits and Nuts!


  1. That is fabulous!! Seriously, how many gazillion hours did it take to do the whole van?! Are there any art spaces left? And I also wonder how many of the beans, beads, shells fall off when he slides the van door shut? I spied some Star Wars stuff by E.T. Will definitely be keepin my eye out for him!

  2. Super Hippie has a serious case of DUDE goin' on. He's a true artist! There's a car in New Orleans that is completely covered with Mardi Gras beads and king cake babies (of course) but this van is incredible. How lucky that you were able to see all the detail up close!!

  3. Fun. The things you find when you aren't really looking. Very cool van.

  4. I saw this van Saturday at a storage facility in Goleta, CA. I took several pictures. It's awesome! I'm so glad I found your post because I was wondering what the van was for.


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