Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Hootenanny!

Oh how I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!!  There is no other time of the year to max out your creative side, dress like your idols, or just be crazy!   Its great when you are a kid, but as an adult there is a whole new aspect to it.  ure we don't get to trick or treat, but we do get to party all night!  I always make my own costumes and lately I have been out doing myself.  Here are some pics of years past before I show-and-tell what I did this year!

2008 - Drunk Monkey

I made this whole suit, lots and lots of hot glue and burnt fingertips went into this costume!

In case you are wondering, I did succeed in actualizing the drunk part of the costume.

 Everything was handcrafted, even the cigar (its was a grocery bag!)

2009 - Reverse Mermaid

 This one was a real crack-up!  I was a reverse mermaid, fish up top--woman on the bottom! 
I stood about 7 feet tall in the heels and head.  It was hilarious!  Can you guess what my BF is there in the back?  I made that one was a last minute thing.  Kinda un-PC but funny none the less!

Ok, give up?  He's a turd burglar...ewwwww, lol!

Whew boy was it hot in there, but it was worth it...I WON 1st place!!

Now...are ya ready to see this years effort?

First you need to know about the movie UP, by Disney/Pixar . 
I decided to be the OLD MAN, Carl Frederickson!

It took a lot of paper mache, hot glue, and paint  and about 10 hours of work in all...

...I think its pretty darn good!

Yup, that's me in there!

Guess what?  I WON FIRST PLACE!!! Lets celebrate with a little dancin'! (thanks Jeff for the video!)
Pretty cool huh?!  I can't wait till next year!


  1. Awesome costumes! But that monkey scares me. The reverse mermaid is my favorite, but this year's costume is really perfect, great job. I've been meaning to watch Up!, thanks for the reminder.

  2. I thought my sister came up with some good costumes but girlfriend, you are definitely THE BEST! You just NAILED Carl Frederickson (oh lordy, that sounds awful, ha ha!). Congratulations on being even better than anything I saw yesterday in the French Quarter. AWESOME. Oh and P.S.--that turd burgler costume is DISGUSTING (but brilliant!).

  3. You are amazing! Those costumes are fantastic! What do you do with all your old costumes after you wear them? You should have a costume shop on etsy.

    1. I have a hall of fame for the costumes in my garage. You never know when you will need a great get up!

  4. These are all incredible!!! You are a costume designer! Awesome! Maybe I could get you to make me 5 Boobah costumes in different sizes for next year??? LOL! Have you seen the Boobahs??? I have this crazy idea to make 3 adult and 2 child costumes for the 5 different Boobahs. I am gonna start now I think, for next year to get them all done! Will need to do paper mache heads as well.

    You are one talented lady!!!

  5. And you asked why do kids have all the fun! Looks like you've got the market cornered to me! You are one creative girl Amber. Love the could do this full-time, you know. :) I agree with Uncle Atom though, the monkey brings back Wizard of Oz nightmares...still, amazing talent!

  6. That's about the cutest darned monkey costume ever!

  7. Ha! Watching you as Carl dance was awesome!! And loveee the reverse mermaid!! You definitely have some intense creative talent-I love it!!!

  8. AWESOME! You make amazing costumes!
    I loved UP! Cried like twice!


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