Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bloggy Hardships & Old Time Memories...

***A quick message from your happy host***

Sorry I have been absent folks!  A lot of unplanned crazy stuff has been happening!  For starters, the business I work for had two locations, one in Ventura, where I work...and the other was in Thousand Oaks...was

Y'see, there was a big ass fire in the dry cleaners beside our shop and it took out every other business in that building!  Its been a few weeks now, but we have taken in the other shop's people and now, things around here are more hectic.  Which means less sneaking in a blog post or two while on the clock!

Also, my boyfriend has started work up in Bishop, CA which is 5 hours away from where we live!  He stays there all week and is only home on the weekends for about a day and a half before he has to head out again.  Needless to say my weekends are pretty much spoken for cuz I'm trying to hang out with him as much as possible...no weekend blogging either...

Lastly, my 6 month old digital camera kicked the bucket and I have been without a way to take pics for the blogs I haven't been able to write, lol!

So, it is a special event that I am managing to get this blog here to you today..the stars must be aligned or something!  Thanks for tuning in and enjoy! 

***Back to your regularly scheduled blog***

Old Time Memories...but who's are they? 

 I found this wooden photo album at a warehouse sale last week.  It is a honeymoon album from the Mount Airy Lodge at Mt. Pocano, PA.  I was instantly charmed by the illustration printed on the wood.  I was also surprised to discover that there were still photos inside it!  Lets stroll through the pages of these long forgotten memories of perfect strangers!

Inside Page:

I wonder if this resort still stand today?  If you click the pic to enlarge, you can check out all of the sweet vintage fashions, which I guess were Au currant back then!

The Missus

and...The Mister

I think the porch above is to their Honeymoon Suite!

Inside the room:

I think the Mister is a Dapper Dan Man!

Dig that wallpaper!!

Enough of the Honeymoon Suite for now, lets go meet some friends by the pool!

Were this couple the Maid of Honor & Best Man?

Swim caps...a long lost fashion accessory for sure!

The Mister must not be into taking a dip, maybe the honeymoon night exhausted him and he needs a nap!

Ladies man!

Nothing like a game of shuffleboard in your swim suites!

Now that they have had some fun in the sun...its TV time

Wow!  This is the Honeymoon suite--it has its own television!! 
Of course the only time they watch it is when they have company..*wink wink*..

That's right, if the Mister & Missus were alone, they'd be in the bedroom!

 Aw, they are so cute!

Here are some more friends dropping by...sheesh, when are they gonna scram? Its getting late!

Finally...Alone at last...lets have a toast!

To the Newlyweds!

 Oh, the missus is already in the bedroom!  "Oh wait..." she says... "let me slip into something more comfortable"

Ohhh baby!  You know how to excite a man! *click* go the lights!


  1. Bahaha! How cool, I love just staring into those old photos then longer you look the more thigns pop out at you. Im totally loving that faux 'fire place'- bar that splits the room haha Im pretty sure those are christmas lights wrapped up in the wood what a neat idea. han gin there Lil Miss Amber!

  2. Man, I knew you must be busy or something, but sounds like a lot of bad luck - hope things get better soon for you and the BF, Amber. Once again though, your rare blog post is a great one! Excellent find - makes you sad that anyone would let something like this get out of the family though. That's a killer lamp, and the curtain pattern, very kewl.

  3. What a fun find! My mom actually gave me a wooden photo album that was my grandmother's. It has tin on the front in a cool crane design, and leather ties that bind it together. No cool pics inside though (yet!)- definitely love the off-the shoulder styles she is wearing. Funny how she's wearing more material for the bedroom games than she is poolside! Thanks for posting in the middle of your craziness, hope the dust settles soon! :)

  4. That Album is a awsome find! My other half would have been so mad if I had found that and purchased it. He thought I was CrAzY when I purchased a framed photo of some random lady in the 50's or 60s.

    He told me it was weird to have a picture of some lady we don't know. AHAHAHA

  5. What a great find!!! Love the pics and stories to go with!!! LOL.

  6. I love these great pics. Sweet find. I too found an old album but the leather covers were quite damaged. It was packed with pics of what seemed to be a vacation in the late 20's or 30's. I had to remove each pic. I love looking at the images and have posted a few. It makes me a little melancholy when I go through them. I feel like I have to protect the pictures and make sure that the images mean something today. We can't be forgotten. We just cant.


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