Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Atta Boy Vintage in Ventura, CA

Have you ever walked through your house and thought "Good Lord, I have enough stuff to open my own antique store?"  well, there is an adorable couple in my hometown of Ventura, CA that have said and done just that!  They have the sweetest little shop that is just crammed with treasures!  Welcome to Attaboy Vintage!

 Look at the lamp painted on the sign, ahhh yessss....just an omen of whats inside!

Here is the inviting view from the sidewalk, you literally can't go in here without tripping over something amazing!  They have some pretty famous clientele too...

 Bettie buys all of her leopard print accessories at Attaboy!

"This shop is fit for a King baby...now git me a peanut butta and ba-nanner sammich!  Uh-huh-a huh!"

They've got everything from Tikis ...

...vintage cameras...

...to ceramic lions, oh my!

Now here's something you don't see everyday....Sno-mingos!  These are intentionally white flamingos made by Don Featherstone Design, the daddy of the original plastic flamingos!  I seriously HEART these!

Here is something else that used to be everywhere and is now a rarity
An authentic cigarette machine!  I remember these still in old diners back east.  I haven't seen one for sale anywhere until now!  I wonder what else you could vend from this machine...candy cigarettes of course, little boxes of cereal...any ideas?? 

The have some of the neatest stuff anywhere and the prices are more than reasonable!

I might have to buy this for my BF...if only just so I can peruse it too!

Ya gotta love vintage coolers and camp gear...an essential if you own a lil' vintage camper trailer!

Why yes folks, you might even say that Attaboy Vintage is Blue Heaven on Earth!

Here is Mr. Attaboy himself hard at work and surrounded by his bounty!  I feel like a jerk but I have forgotten their names, Mr. & Mrs. Attaboy!  I'll stop in and remedy that situation...real soon....maybe I'll bring my paycheck this time!

You can visit Attaboy online here:
And in person here:  
2470 East Main Street
Ventura, CA 93003-2633
(805) 648-1668
Tell 'em Amber sent ya!


  1. OK, let's see now, I want the pink cornucopia vase and the green chairs and of course the Handyman's Book since I often gaze at my husband JUST LIKE THAT. Oh and all the Tiki stuff. I already have 3 Blue Heaven platters but I'd snap that one up in a minute, too. Thank god I don't live anywhere near Ventura or they'd be out of inventory in about 10 minutes!

  2. That's worth the 5 hour drive to Ventura! Lovin' that swinging ashtray!

  3. I live near-ish Ventura! Very cool shop!

    About that cig machine... I alllmost bought one about 15 years ago myself. But after mucho debate, I passed on it. Then I heard about this:

    What to sell in them? I know someone decided to sell little artworks from an old cig machine. They gathered other people who also do little original artworks, one of a kind, and make them the size of a pack of cigs. Then each artist gets one "space" to load up their works.

    Machine was put somewhere cool, I forget, but folks were buying up those little original artworks. =)

    Sell for a few dollars, I forget, but it hit the news a few years ago. Popular, clever and super cool!

  4. Um, why is all the best mid century modern in California? Spread the wealth Californians!

  5. I do love this store!! Olivia (my 5 year old) and I went in a few months back...she loves that store as much as I do and has impeccable (and expensive) taste! We ended up with a cute avon owl bottle. I asked how much this really cool phone was, but alas, it was their shop phone- lol! See ya there, Amber!

  6. P.S. I love the great "artsy" shot of you in the mirror taking a picture of Betty :) You got great pictures! Makes me want to take a blanket and have a picnic right there in the middle of the store!

  7. Beetree - I didn't even notice I was in that picture! Makes me think of those hilarious eBay ads where the photographer is in the buff snappin' pics and doesn't realize that their reflection is in the toaster or whatever it is! HAHAHAH At least I have my clothes on!

    1950's Atomic Ranch & Mid Cent. Madam - if you come to Venura, I will take you to all the thrift stores, we have a sh*t-ton! That goes for you out of CA people too! Its worth the drive/air fare. Just bring a BIG suitcase!

  8. I'm in Ventura County all the time. I just have to check out that store. I've been in other stores on that street. So much fun! Thanks for sharing.

    We have great thrift stores in Canoga Park, CA that is close to where I'm at.

  9. That store looks great, I want everything they have!

  10. What a shop!
    Those green chairs look so cool and comfortable - I need me some of them!

  11. OMG! What a bitchin' store!! I'm ready to drive 16 hours to get there!! Awesome ciggy machine! They had one at my former place of employment filled with little packs of aspirin, cough drops, Rolaids, etc. We worked 12 hour graveyard shifts, and everyone seemed to always have some sort of ailment. The employer was kind enough to offer these items to us (at vastly inflated prices of course) LOL!

  12. Happy Late Birthday and a couple of other things! I do know how or Why but blogger apprently has decied who's blogs im going to read now... I was thinking she hasnt posted in a while, only to find you had been removed form my blogroll! Gah Im reading post and catching up! Haha

  13. great photos! makes me want to go there even more. maybe today's the day.


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