Monday, September 20, 2010

Hey! Look who's still here!

Well howdy howdy howdy folks!  I'm still here....are you?  Hahaha!  I have been so busy this summer...busy working...busy playing....just plain busy!  Now that its heading towards fall and the summer has winded down, I can finally catch my breath and come back to my happy li'l blog!  I may have not been writing but I have been reading all of your posts, here and there.  I have missed you all!  Lets get right down to wanna see some AWESOME STUFF or WHAT?!?!

Here is one of my major scores this summer.  My friends/neighbors/junkin' buddies Stephanie & Ray I were out Sale-in' one weekend and I happened upon a big box of vintage Sci Fi Mags from the 50's on up to the 70's ! ! ! 

Not only I find over 40+ magazines, I found the perfect stand to hold and display them all.  The stand was from a Heeeee-uuuuu-geeeee church rummage sale that I went to not once but twice in the same day.  The lil' chalkboard was from a pile o' free stuff at yet another sale from the very same day.  It all came together perfectly!

Here are pics of just a handful of these treasures!  The artwork is so darn cool!

I like the ones with sexy ladies the best, somehow I think most of the original readers of these did too!

There are a lot of different titles too, each with tons of stories and illustrations!

I think the "Other Worlds" have the best cover art.  I haven't even begun to actually read the stories, I'm too in love with just looking at them for now.  

When I originally found the box, I had made up my mind that I wouldn't pay more than $10 for the whole bunch, even though I know that they are worth more, I just didn't have the budget!  When I finally got the attention of the lady hosting the sale, she looked them over and said..."How about $10?"  Hahaha!  I guess it helps that we put all of the older/ cooler titles on the bottom.  What she saw was the 70's stuff.  Clever huh? 

Here are a few of the novels.  Check out that 1st edition Body Snatchers!

Some peeks inside

Oh man, I just LOVE these so much!  My Dad is in love with them too.  He remembers reading some of them when he was a kid!  I don't know what to do with them though.  Should I keep them, sell them, I dunno!  I will for sure scan in all of the covers for future crafty use, I'd never tear up the actual books.  For now I have them displayed in my bed room, on the rack.  I like waking up each morning and seeing them :-) 


  1. Those are so cool! What a huge stash of them, too. Love the display- great find! Glad you're back :)

  2. Ahhh, the long drought has ended! Thanks for posting again, and what a post. Love those old sci fi covers, there are a bunch I've come across on Flickr, great art, and you're right, I would smile every time I see that great display rack and chalk board, very cool.

  3. Hello again! Missed ya! I would have to read a story a night as I was ready to fall asleep each night! these are just fantastic!!! Can you imagine the dreams they would evoke??? You amaze me with all of your finds, for sure!!! Pretty cool!


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