Friday, July 9, 2010

George & His Jungle

Yesterday I showed some soda-pop crates that I hung up on the porch to display plants.  I got them from a very friendly and funny old feller named George.  He was having a yard sale, if you can call it his back driveway/garage out in Simi Valley, CA.  My Dad and I went out there for something or another and just happened to run across him and his kingdom!

We followed some innocent looking sale signs that led us to his driveway which had a sweet old Ford Ranchero parked in it (along with a few other trucks)

Once you walked up the driveway you discovered that this was no ordinary garage sale!

The entire driveway and large garage was fulla junk, collectibles, wood, metal you name it...George had it!

Here is George himself, a handsome old devil if I've ever seen one!  He was so friendly and obliged me when I asked to take his portrait.  He said a lot of people ask to take his picture in his garage! 

The garage was George's work shop and thrift shop.  Virtually everything was for sale...just ask!  Above are a ton of skillets that George turns into really kitschy clocks.  

These clocks were so fun!  I really wanted to buy one for my mom but I only had a few bucks on me.  George was quick to give away instructions on how to make one myself though.  He said that there was nuthin' to it!  I did however find one a few weeks later at a thrift store for about $5, I suspect it was made by had all the same craftsmanship as his.  I sent it to my Mom and she loves it!
Looking from the inside out

He had a great vintage bottle collection.  Heck, he had a great everything collection!

Here is the other thing I really wanted, a yard art woodpecker made from bike parts, a shovel and rebar.  When I asked how much this character cost, George told me he wasn't for sale.  He just couldn't part with his beloved creation!  I know how that feels!  I did come home with the crates though and arranged them on the porch to display some of my everything collection...I think George would be proud!

From one I Heart Everything person to another, 
I salute you George! 


  1. WOW! How cool...a treasure trove, and an ultra groovy guy!!! I know you were in hog heaven!!! :)

  2. He's a character, and I love characters! =D

  3. Sigh. It looks like he's standing in front of MY garage . . . But I always love to see other people who collect anything and everything they can get their hands on!

  4. George seems to be a cool dude all right!! We once had a guy written up in the paper who did the same thing from his house. It was like a self guided museum tour, it was so packed full of collectible goodies. Only prob was every time I'd ask how much he wanted for such-and-such an item he'd mumble "Nah! You don't really want that..." I guess not all his displays were for sale after all LoL

  5. I love those clocks he makes!! They are so cool.

  6. Heaven on earth. Lucky you. I'm driving to Simi Valley


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