Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

Howdy All!  Is everyone having a good summer so far?  I sure am, and its been a busy one too!  My B-day was last Thursday and I went to Disneyland to celebrate, thinking that the promotion to "Get in Free on your Birthday" was still going on.  Guess what...they stopped it last year! I still really wanted to go so me and my neighbors and boyfriend went anyway.  Even with the discounted tix my friend who works on the Navy Base scored us, it still cost almost $70 a person to get in!  Its a good thing I had a pile of cash burning a hole through my pocket from the ridiculous amount of face paintings I did at the Johnny Cash show.  At $5 bucks a face, I made over $200 bucks!!

Here are some pics of what I was paintin' on the little kiddos:

This 8 year old girl knows what she wants...does Johnny Cash have any great-grandsons?

Her first face painting.  As you can see they aren't always on faces!

Unicorns are always a favorite!

Who would win? A shark vs a Dragon?

This girl was too cute, a Dia De Los Muertos Ballerina!

Her brother got the "manly" version, no tu tu on him!

These sisters show off their bicep "tattoos" and their Mustaches on a Stick!  I made those too!
From left to right: 
Chiara with the Flaming Cobra - Alyssa with the Moon & Sun -Sammy with the Butterflies

These are just a fraction of the adorable and hilarious kids I painted.  It was a blast!

So, what do you do with all your hard earned face paintin' money???  YOU GO TO DISNEYLAND!

Here I am right after the jungle cruise!  I am wearing my "Its my b-day you all have to be super nice to me" button.  Seriously, they do.  Anyone who works at the park will go out of their way to say Happy Birthday Amber!  It was awesome.  Now, lets check out that Jungle Cruise!

John Stephanie & Ray cruisin' on the Jungle.  Our boat was the Kissime Kate.  

No animatronic animals or natives were harmed during our voyage!

We had such a good time...

...we rode Big Thunder Mountain...

...rode Space Mountain (my fave!)...

...didn't ride The Tea Cups, but took our pics in one...sorry Ray, next time!

 We did however go on Pirates Of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear, Casey Jones Train, Captain EO (they brought it back!), Enchanted Tiki Room (love that one!) and a buncha other stuff.  --I lost track after awhile!  We stayed for the fireworks, and joined the mass exodus down Main Street along with everyone else.

In the background you can see the Castle lit up!  Look how many people are leaving.  There are thousands at Disneyland each day.  I seriously can't believe how they accommodate everyone.  It is beyond clean and friendly!  After dark, it is lit up to the nines!

I wish I had this sign above my arcade!

And finally, here is the last thing you see as you leave...
The Disneyland Train Station!  Good night Disneyland...good night.

It has taken several days for me to recover from my Disney Hangover.  I wish we had gotten more pics but we were too darn busy having fun!  It was only my second time going to D-Land, my first being last year on my 30th b-day!  I know, it is freaky for a So-Cal resident to not have been until 30 but I didn't always live here.  I will keep on going back though.  After all, its the Happiest Place on Earth!!!


  1. Wait! Whut? $70 to get in Disneyland? Yer joking?! Please tell me, you are joking! has it gotten that expensive?


    Uhhh I think it was like $30 last time I went. Geeez it's been a long time!

    But it looks like you had a blast! =D

  2. Looks like you had a great time, happy b-day!


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