Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hot Tubbin' and Video Gamin'

It was a BIG weekend for me last weekend!  I had 3 major events to plan for and celebrate! 

1) FRIDAY NIGHT: My neighbor Andi  wanted to throw an "End of the School Year" party for her and her co-workers (all teachers & staff). Since we all share The Alley it pretty much means we all have a party if one of us throws a party!  I offered to open up the arcade for them and they all broke in the new Hot Tub that I bought a couple weekends ago. 

2) SATURDAY:  DONO, the craft group I am a member of were vendors at the Johnny Cash Music Festival held at the Ventura Fairgrounds, an all day event of Cars, Rockabilly Music and Cool merchandise!

3) SUNDAY: Father's Day!  Me and my brother took our dear ol' Dad out for Indian food and a movie matinee.  We saw The A-Team which wasn't bad....action packed and predictable, but not bad!

I managed to snap some pics of Andi's Party but didn't attend it formally, I was too busy upstairs doing some last-minute crafting for the JCMF the next day.  Here are some pics of the party-goers:


The Arcade is a dark and magical place...

...if you don't use the flash!

When you do, the flash takes away all the glamour but you can see who's in there!

Andi's Guests really LOVED the arcade... especially because its all on FREE-PLAY!

Above is a side shot of my Juke Box, it is a 1964 Seaburg LPC40.  Below is a closer pic.

Its still a work in progress but it is nearly fully operational (it plays records but at the wrong speed, too slow!)...  We just need to replace some tubes and a transformer and then cross our fingers.  It holds about Eighty records, all 2 sided 45's...thats about 160 songs!  I'll do a post just on the juke someday!  It is for sure, one of my Crown Jewel possessions!

 I have a collection of velvet paintings, here you can see "Lonely Mack" the sad clown.  Also in this pic is the Mrs. Pacman Cabinet I made just for the arcade!  To the right of the cabinet is my actual Mrs. Pacman Machine!

Here is my only working Pinball, right now the other 2 are really cool lookin' paper wieghts! On the wall are some more velvet paintings, an all red Devilish Naked Woman, The Pink Panther and in the far corner, A Flamenco Dancing Couple.  There are more velvet paintings all over the Arcade!

Here is the pinball "Stampede" in action!

What are these guys playing so intently?  Oh yeah, that's Fantasy 95, my "adult" video game!   The object is to uncover the playfield to reveal a nekkid woman or man, (that's right ladies, there are nekkid men too!)  Oh, and they aren't just nekkid, these ladies and gentlemen are downright...ehem, pornographic!  The game is from Japan and is SO STRANGE.  You can choose avatar's to be, among which are a RoboCop, an elderly but well-to-do Asian lady, and an overweight Black Dude (think the Dad from Family Matters).   It plays samples of songs from the band Ace of Base (remember them....I saw the sign?) and you have to avoid bad guys like spinning tops and Medusa.  Regardless of whether you are doing well, the game coulds and frequently does, switch you from uncovering a sexy naked person to uncovering Pin Head from the Hellrazor movies!  Seriously, it does!

Look at the screen!  --Weirdest game ever.

In the arcade industry they call the screen that the is displayed when no one is playing it the "Attract Mode"...because it is supposed to attract you to the game and convince you to play it....Fantasy 95 puts new meaning into Attract Mode!  Needless to say this game is a big hit among all of our perverted friends.

Woweee!  I added the censored bar, the real game is very un-censored!

In the background you can see my claw machine game.  It is set on free-play too but if you win a toy, you still get to get to keep it!  I dunno if anyone took home prizes that night but it is set on easy so I bet people did.  

Did you know that the owners/operators of claw games can adjust the amount of "grip" the claw has?  Yup.  That and the fact that they stuff the machine in such a way that all the toys are wedged together is the reason why its so hard to win prizes and so easy for them to take all your quarters!

Sometimes, when an arcade party gets crazy......
...things get a little weird!  This is from a different night but I really wanted to share it!  This is my friend Brian, INSIDE the claw machine!!!  He is a shorter type of fella and one night I was lookin' at him standing next to the machine.  I had a brilliant idea!  I bet he could FIT IN IT!  Guess what, I was right!  He was a really good sport about it and in fact, uses this as his Facebook pic.  Brian, I HEART you!

Enough Video Games....Lets go check out what's happenin' out in the driveway!

On the ground covering the driveway is what me and the Neibs refer to as "The Party Carpet"  it is a huge roll of green indoor/outdoor carpet that we roll out for parties!  Normally we move ALL the cars out onto the street but my old wagon had to stay parked because it was loaded down with all our merchandise and gear for the JCMF the next day.  

Here is my car crashing the party and my little camper trailer which is installed like a bungalo in the driveway.  Both the car and the camper are from 1963!  I see something happenin' over by the trailer.....what is it?

Oh!  Its the HOT TUB CLUB!
Hello Ladies!

Heck yeah!  Cheers!  I got this hot tub a couple of weekends ago at a yard sale for $200.  It is a Soft Tub brand, which is considered a "portable" hot tub.  It is all self contained and really light.  You can simply drain it and roll it to another location.  They normally go for about $2,000 so I'd say I got a deal!  This is the summer of TUB!

After these pics were taken, I turned in for the night but the party kept on goin!  Andi said it got a little wild and at one point there were way more than the recommended 4 people in the Hot Tub.  She said it was her first and last "work party"  Isn't funny how co-worker's can really cut loose!  Hahahah!

Tomorrow, pics from a much more wholesome event, believe it or not...The Johnny Cash Music Festival.  Stay tuned and have a great afternoon! 


  1. Wowie wow! Looks like soooo much fun!

    Gee, and a whole arcade... Now that's something!

  2. Shut.Up! You have a juke box AND a claw machine?! looks like a fun party, for sure :)

  3. I want to be your neighbor! Awesome deal on that hot tub, but the Arcade is still my favorite. All you need in there is a phone booth ;-) Gotta watch those teachers,I'm married to one. They pick up a lot of hell raising ideas from those durn kids at school. Great post!!

  4. That looks like so much fun!
    I wish I could go to an arcade party!
    I laughed my ass of at that picture of your friend in the claw machine, hilarious!

  5. Thanks for dropping by Hollywood forever, Kevin. I enjoyed looking and reading yours as well. Young and fresh, keep up the good work. Thanks


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