Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Cat's Meow

I got a few really neat things for my B-day but I'd have to say the most stunning and most vintage gift came from my friends and neighbors Stephanie & Ray.   They gave me this:

 She found this classic Siamese Cat TV lamp on Craigslist a while back and showed it to me.  I really wanted it!  It was affordable and local but as usual, there are a million other things I should spend my money on besides another lamp even if it is as cool as this one.  Well, a month later on my B-day lo-and-behold its mine!

Here it is when lit in a dark room.  I put it right next to my TV, naturally!  It casts such a dramatic silhouette when all lit up.  The shape of the Siamese cats are so stylized and got me thinking about what it would look like if my own two cats were used as the models for this lamp.  Through the powers of Photoshop, I made up a parody. Check this out:

 Not quite as dramatic!  That's A.D. aka Doodle on the left weighing in at about 20lbs and Little Miss Muffin aka Muffy on the right looking mean as ever.  

Doodle wouldn't know graceful if it jumped up and bit her on the butt and Muffy isn't very friendly to anyone, including me.  They love each other a lot though.  Doodle is a luv-bug and grooms Muffy.  I had just interrupted one of their groom-fests to take this pic.
I have had a lot going on in the past weeks...lots of parties in the alley and more video games in the arcade as well as developments with my old station wagon.  Its a busy summer but I'll try to blog a lil' more.  I'll see you all later!


  1. Great lamp! Now all you need is a vintage TV with a top big enough to display it on ;-)

  2. That is an amazing, swanky lamp... and I am very, very jealous!

  3. Wowie wow! These are so popular too! Lucky you!

    And I love seeing your kittahs. =)

  4. i have a similar one, and i love the light that is cast off of it.

  5. I have the exact same one!They're from Lane Co. right?Mine was my grandmothers and I'll cherish is always

  6. I saw this on CL- so cute! What a great present! I have to tell you, our birthdays are 4 days apart- YAY for June-bugs!

  7. That lamp is incredible! I love your real life kitties too. :)


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