Monday, May 3, 2010

Attention Dear Readers: THANK YOU!

Its only been four short months since I began this humble little blog and I have had SO MUCH FUN thus far! I really never expected to have any followers outside of the friends & family I guilted into joining.  Now, lo and behold, I have ALMOST 40 followers!  I cannot believe it!

In gratitude to the first 15 people who befriended this blog, I had my 1st give-away.  I finally sent out the "Y'all are crazy awesome" thank you gifts last week.  Sorry for the long delay...I shoulda mentioned that even own my family back east got their Christmas presents several months late...whoops!  Now after the long wait, the recipients of the Thank-yous are emailing and leaving comments that they have begun to receive  their packages!

At least 15 of you remember this: 
 I had a hard time getting addresses from some of the original peeps so if you feel like you shoulda gotten one and didn' that I say Ya Snooze Ya Loose but some other early follower got your prize.  Don't fret, there will be other give-aways.  More specifically, I'm thinking 50 members is a nice round number for the next one!  It'll have to be a random drawing since now I'm officially in the double digits.  Again, thank you all!

Now, if you were on the 1st 15 list and HAVE NOT gotten your gift, LOOK AWAY NOW!!  A SUPER HUGE SPOILER IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN!

This is what those luck ducks got!

(I was a bonehead & deleted some pics so this one is courtesy of 1950's Atomic Ranch House, she was thoughtful enough to post hers!  THANKS!)

The envelope is a not-so-lucky Bingo card, folded & glued.  Inside are these:

Awesome Up-Cycled and hand-made greeting cards!  It is made of paper, marker, IHE stickers (made by me at work), zip tie ends, and staples...guess what the record is made of?  Give up?  Its a disembodied floppy disk!  The black part is where the memory is stored!  I found a tutorial online, check out the original idea here..CLICK ME 

Inside the cards were:
(Thanks again for the pic 1950's Atomic Ranch House!)

Hand made and handpicked magnets.  Pictures are from old 1950's Better Homes & Gardens magazines.  I tried to match up the magnets with the recipients personalities/blog themes. And a small assortment of stickers!  I work at a sign shop and make these from my own sketches out of scrap materials. 

I hope you all love your pressies, you totally deserve them.  The warm fuzzy feelin' I get from doing this blog and reading your comments and in turn visiting your blogs...Oi Vey, its HUGE!  

So, as another huge thank you, I'm going to show y'all something BIG, something MASSIVE, something that you just don't see everyday, at least in someone's residence...I'll be unveiling THE TIKI BAR ARCADE!!  WooWoo!  So stay tuned folk's Its gonna be great!


  1. Ah gots me pickige today and will blog a huge thank ye tomorrow! Soooooo cool!!!

  2. Thank you Amber! I was afraid I forgot to send you my address and two minutes later my son walked in with your package. I LOVE my magnets. They are fantastic. You are one talented gal. Thanks again. Keep on blogging girl!

  3. Thanks again, Amber! I keep saying it, you are talented!


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