Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Mutha' load! Warning HUGE BLOG ahead!

Wow!  I had a great weekend junkin' wise.  On Saturday my Dad came and picked me up for a day of Yard & Estate Sales.   My dad is my Yard Salin' Buddy these days.  He drives and I navigate.  It is some serious Daddy Daughter bonding over other people's junk.  He mostly buys videos & audio of stuff he likes like Sci Fi and old time radio shows.  I mostly buy well, you all know....everything! On Sunday my friend & neighbors and fellow vintage lovers, Stephanie & Ray went to the "big" flea market that is held every-so-often at the fairgrounds.  I usually steer clear of that on since:

A) You have to pay for parking
B) You have to pay to get in
C) Its mostly expensive Antiques & Collectibles, not the cheap junk I like

Anywho, I went along for the ride and had a great time hanging out with them and lookin' at some seriously neat stuff and I practically ate my weight in kettle corn (oh lord its good!)

Here is what actually brought home this weekend:
 This is the photo worthy stuff

Oh yes, the ubiquitous martini shaker....shaken not stirred!

I'm not really a poodle fan but these guys were too cute and too cheap to pass up!

This is a set of 6 Sherry glasses with a nautical pirate-y theme.  Only .25cents each!

This was a freebee in the bottom of a bag of grass skirts I scored for the upcoming Tiki Fiesta bash.  I've always wanted one of these, don't ask me why.  I put it on the counter at work.  
I'll feel like a bell hop when someone rings it!

This is a cute enamel anchor pin that came from an Estate sale in the wildest house (total time capsule from the late 60's).  There was a ton of stuff and on the 2nd day it was 1/2 off.  
You betcha I went back on day two and got the deals.

This is my favorite purchase from the weekend.  I got it from the 1/2 off Estate sale.  It is a mint in box set of ceramic bar-b-que plates & cups!  They had 3 boxes of the same set, all priced at 20.00 a box on Sat.  I got this box for $10 on Sunday.  I tried to wheel and deal for the other 2 boxes but even at almost 2pm on the second day of the sale they were unyielding on the price.   I really wanted them but by that time I was outta dough!
Check out the cute as heck illustrations on these plates!  I may have to scan em in and make a wallpaper
out of them.  It is a set of 4 partitioned plated and 4 mugs.  No chips, no cracks absolutely perfecto!

The front & back of the cups
I will definitely be using these this summer.  Just looking at them makes me want some corn on the cob and potato salad...mmmmm...

Also from the same sale, yet another train case picked up for cheap with intentions of pinstriping.  I have a ton of these now...better get busy!

Lastly, my Dad & I happened upon a neighborhood yard sale in some newer home tract.  Usually I don't like going to these sales because I am of the belief that the new homes usually have younger families and therefore, less cool old junk and more plastic crap-ola from Target and the like.  Well, this time I was sorta proven wrong...  I got this enormous painting FOR FREE from a guy who just tossed some stuff on his lawn last minute.  He said it was in his family for a long time (since the 70's)...
It is about 6 feet tall and 2' wide.  The guy said his dad was a graphic designer and had a firm back in the day.  This painting was done by one of the artists in residence and gifted to the dad.  The guy said it was in their very 70's childhood home for years.  Then somehow he got it and either grew tired of it or his wife talked him into getting rid of it.  I think its the latter because when I asked how much it was he said "how much did my wife say it was worth?"  I didn't even see his wife anywhere and asked for a price again.  He said "Just take it, its yours"  Wow!  Thanks Mister!  Now I have to find someplace in my already briming apartment to put it!  I may have to re-home it to someone with a big enough place for him but for now, I just love it!

So that's about it for the weekend!  I'm totally satiated on junk for a while.  I do have something BIG in the works though.  I spent a lotta time down in the garage/tiki-bar/arcade last weekend cleaning up the joint in anticipation of Tiki Fiesta 2010....I took A LOT of pics and I'm going to do a series of post about my Shangri-La down there so stay tuned!!!


  1. Love those train cases...
    I too am guilty of collecting them :D

  2. So I just complained over at 1950's_atomic_ranch_house that between her and MoonDoggie, I'm constantly feeling jealousy. Forgot to add you to that list. Arrgg :) Enjoy it all! I gotta say, I do love that fireplace, too cool!

  3. Wow I love all the stuff you got. The Anchor necklace is great, that BBQ dish set is AWSOME & I am loving the train case.

  4. You done good! I have a funny story about a "Come help me" bell. We were getting ice cream and cookies from one of the kiosks in the mall. I sat my pocketbook on the counter to get my money out. Once we paid, I tossed the strap over my shoulder and walked away. Will looked at me and shrieked. My heavy-duty magnet in my purse had snagged their bell. We pried it off my purse and shoved it back on the counter before the mall cops were called!

  5. That's so cool that you and your Dad thrift shop together... I love that. Just snagged a cocktail shaker like yours at an auction recently. Makes me want to try every one of the drink recipes. And that BBQ set is the best!!!

  6. Hiya Amber, I got your gifts! Wow!! Thank you soooooo much!

    I made a post about it to thank you, and hopefully more folks will follow your blog as well (and told them to ha ha)!

    Thanks again, you made my whole day!

  7. amber, THANKS SO MUCH for the wonderful surprise in my mailbox today! you made my day!
    xoxo erin!

  8. Wow! It seems like every one is getting their stuff today! I am so glad you liked it! Thanks for reading IHE, that makes my day! -Amber


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