Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Okay, I admit it...
I've been holdin' out on y'all.
I've been saving the BIG stuff, the BEST stuff the CRAZIEST stuff until I had a few good people to share it with.  I love this blog and I love my readers so I can't hold out anymore!  Its time to open the vault!  So Folk's, hold on tight....HERE GOES!


Its very hard to photograph all in one shot, so we'll take a quick tour!

The left wall has 5 arcade machines (not all pictured here) They are Shinobi, Kyros, Joust, Fantasy 95 and Birdie King II.  Almost all of these games have come to me either free or through bartering!

After the Arcade machines on the left side there is this fine specimen of a pole lamp and two decorative (aka busted) pachinko machines and this old sign found in an abandoned truck stop diner

The back wall has a Claw Machine stocked with stuffed animals and these three sleepy pinballs

Don't they look cute all tucked in & ready for bed?  When not being played, I cover them up to protect the 
glass from getting scratched.  Up top is my collection of Plastic "China-Saurus" toys.  Don't worry we'll get to close ups of all the little stuff in another post!

Turning the corner to the right wall there is a vintage storage cabinet that I found on the side of the road.  I painted it to match the game to the immediate right, my Ms. Pacman Machine!

Just after Ms Pacman is another classic, Altered Beast!

Oh wait, whats that peeking out from behind Altered Beast?  Could it be my crown jewel?

Why yes!  Its my best score yet, my 1964 Seaberg Juke Box!  It plays 45's and boy do I have a bunch of those!  Its still under repair but doesn't need much in the way of restoration, it is BEAUTIFUL! 

Now, the last thing we'll skim over is my brother's favorite pinball EVER:

This Sexy Lady is on a lay-over to my brother up in Oregon.  I found it for sale on Craigslist and sent him the link.  He took one look and called me to say that he had to have it.  For a while, its in my trust and I get to play it as much as I want!
Thats it for now!  I'm going to continue posting on the arcade all week.  I'll go over each game and crazy collection down there from the velvet paintings to the tiki mugs!  I can't wait to show it all!


  1. Oh WOW!! This is all yours? Amazing! Show us more pictures! Details! We want to see everything!!

  2. MMMMMMMmmmmmmm, pinball machines, jukebox, pole lamp, tiki stuff, clock, I love it all! You still need a skeeball and either cotton candy machine or popcorn machine (better yet, both). Glad I don't have your electricity bill. Wow, and you rent that place? Aamazing, now I'm very jealous. Much of my misspent youth was spent learning how to shake a machine without tilting, and hit those subtle flipper combinations to keep that shiny ball in play. We used to prop up the front legs to reduce the severe angle of the machine. I remember one magnificent time when four of us were all losing to Gorgar, but we all had the same last number. I spotted it at the end of the game and said 'come on, quadruple Match' -- and we got it, a number match and four free games! Now that's living!!!

  3. I never thought the day would come when I'd be rendered speechless, but it happened. Oh. my. God.

  4. OH NO! Is there a Doctor in the house? Christine, HANG IN THERE....I'll get help! I sure hope she's okay! I've NEVER seen her speechless!

    1950's ARH: Yup, its all mine..please don't call Hoarders on me ;-)

    Uncle Atom: I'm working on getting a skee ball although I'd have to make some other cuts to fit it in there. We have a commercial pop corn machine but its over at the BF's for storage also (he get's my overflow) and they actually have it in the house and use it all the time. It makes honest-to-goodness, REAL movie popcorn. Never pay $20 for movie popcorn again! As for the cotton candy maker, I've never even thought of that. I had better check CL's free section for one, LOL! Also, I remember my brother telling me he and his pals would stick ketchup packets under the front legs so they could slide it around without tilting. A quadruple free game is unheard of, like Al Bundy... Four Touchdowns In One Game! The pinball god's were with you that day!

    MORE to come folk's, this is just to get your attention, I'll do a post on the "History" of the arcade and how I got myself into this! Stay Tuned!

  5. Wait a cotton pickin' minute here. Those games are all yours? WHAT THE WHAT? I would kill to be you. No lie. That is like the ultimate party spot! Loving the pac man design on that cabinet. We had pac man and ms. pac man as our wedding cake topper :)


  6. OH MY GOD! What a cool room! I guess you don't live in that cool camper you posted about a couple of months ago. My son just came in the room. I can't wait to go back to your blog and show him your fabulous room. I'm sure he'd be willing to be adopted!

  7. I kind of want everything here. The sexy lady scares me a little, though. In a good way.:)

  8. Your karma must be squeaky clean...I don't know anyone who scores the cool stuff like you do. Those are pretty amazing creatures. How long have you been collecting them? Are they in your spare bedroom or family room? Are they guy magnets? I'm still getting over the fireplace and now this? I'm going to go now and play with my tiki stickers and very cool chair magnets.

  9. I want to play in your arcade! It looks like so much fun...noisy but fun! I think I can hum the theme to 1/2 the games there.

  10. FAAANNNNNNTASTIC> We are hanging out in there soon right????????DONO BBQ????

  11. Hey, Amber and everybody! The Tiki Bar Arcade looks awesome! The Bride is on her way to her new home in my Mancave. I can't wait! Thx so much for making it happen, Ambah!

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