Friday, April 23, 2010

The last thing I need....

I thought that I was running out of dream items, I have gotten so many of them in recent years.  Short of a Skee Ball machine for my arcade, I didn't think I had any more until I saw this puppy! 

It is a bonafied Malm fireplace!

I saw it and knew it was to be mine.  I hauled it home in the back of the wagon, half sticking out on the open tailgate.  When I hit 20mph, a cloud of orange rust and ash kicked up all around me!  The air was swirling through the pipe and liberating all that bad stuff.  I grabbed my bandanna and held it over my mouth while I drove home.  By the time I got there the fireplace had been thoroughly cleaned and my car, body and hair had all been stained orange!  I looked like a punk rock oompa-loompa!
Just look at that funky orange enamel paint!

It is in remarkable condition, fully complete and even came with the complete indoor install kit & original instructions!  I don't think my landlords would appreciate a whole cut in the ceiling, so I'll probably use it outside.  We have a Tiki-Fiesta Party coming up and this'll look AMAZING!  I may even put it on casters so I can wheel it around the ally.  Rest assured I won't use it while its parked under that tree!

Is that a Malm Fireplace or are you just happy to see me?

The funniest part is that about a weeka ago my roomie and I were discussing these old fireplaces.  I was trying to describe them and was needing a visual, so I sent her a link to the post over at Mid Century Madam all about freestanding fireplaces.  My mojo was workin' cuz now we have one!  I wouldn't be surprised if next week I'm posting about a Skee Ball, hahah!


  1. Whoo hoo! Congrats! it's exciting to score a big find like that! And you can use it!

  2. I am so completely jealous!

    I also did a post on them in December
    and even said orange was one of my dream colours. AND a Tiki-Fiesta Party! NOT FAIR.

    Are you going to Tiki Oasis this year or have you ever been? I'm seriously considering it.

  3. Good thing you can't see me now, not a pretty picture. I am banging my head against the wall...I am so jealous...but very happy for you. Honestly, very, very, happy. Really. So happy. Ouch, headache coming on.

  4. Nice fireplace! Loved the story of bring her home and getting covered in nastiness, that's the kind of stuff that happens to me too.

  5. Love it! Where on earth did you find such a beautiful piece? Will the weather damage it?


  6. WOAH! I've never seen such a wonderful thing!
    Hhaha, good story too!

  7. Love it! I want one! The color is great too.


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