Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Spring Fling...Woo Woo!

Hi everybody!!  I am sorry its been so long since a new post.  I was very busy prepping for two different events that happened this past weekend.  There was a Roller Derby event that our craft group, The Daughters of Nellie Oleson aka DONO sold at ....AND....the bi-yearly Mopar Car Show and swap was the same day in Van Nuys, CA.  I was diligently crafting my little (okay big) butt off for both events. I made a lot of cool stuff but in my usual way, neglected to photograph the fruits of my labors.  I'll try to get some pics of what merchandise was left after the two events.  I can tell ya what I made though!

For DONO & the Derby:

Flower Pins made from Vintage Zippers - These turned out really cute, maybe I'll do a tutorial on em
Buttons with Clever Derby sayings and original art- "Derby Girls Do It on All Fours" "Hell on Wheels" "Roller Derby is in My Blood"  w/ splatter of red  etc...etc...
Sea Shell Shrines - made of lil' clam shells with pics of icons like Bettie Paige, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Johnny get the idea!

Spring Fling Car Show
I don't know if I've mentioned it but I work at a sign shop and get to use the scrap from larger jobs on my own projects.  I made some stuff and it practically SOLD OUT in the first few hours.  I made over $100 just on my own Merch!

Bumper Stickers- "Al Bundy Drove a Dodge" "This Aint your Granny's Slant Six", "It's not about how fast you go, its about how long you last" w/ a pic of a slant 6 engine (which are renowned for their dependability, not sexual innuendo you dirty birds!)
Small PVC Placards- "Hungry Hungry Hemi" , "Mopar or No Car" "Chrysler Country"  etc... etc...

Before the Bundy stickers sold out completely, I snapped a pic of the one on my bumper

Again, I'll try to add pics of the Merch later but I did get a lot of pics of my friends and their cars and the cars of others! I also entered my beloved yet pretty janky lookin' Dart Wagon in the show portion.  They had a category for Work In Progress and she definitely fits the bill.  It turns out that you had to go back on Sunday for the judging portion of the car show.  We all had enough car talk by the end of the day so me and my pals decided to recover on Sunday instead.

Here she is in all her glory, with my friend's Ultra Vans!
 That's Jeff the Mopar Master's Ultra Van on the left, Little Lucy the  Dart Wagon in the middle and Rockin' Richards's Ultra Van on the right

And now the owners!
Not pictured Edgar & Stephanie who are member's of the Daily Drivers Car Club in Ventura and my pals from Ventura who woke up crazy early to come with me to the show, YOU GUYS RULE!

You can read more about the car show itself and see a ton of pictures over at my car blog.  Head over to  It is less about car restoration and more about the way I feel when I drive her and the crazy adventures we get into!  Its more of a read than the eye candy of this blog, but totally worth it!  Please check it out. (car show blog to come later today)

Now I have to get back to my regularly scheduled blog topics: JUNK-O-LA!!!  Just wait till you see what I picked up last Sunday....tease.....tease...tease......stay tuned!


  1. hey girl do you have an etsy shop? if so let me know the addy so i can add you as a favorite!

  2. My heart's desire is a Rambler like my friend Nora's parents had when we were in the 5th grade. Hubby isn't totally against the idea although he's more the Harley & muscle car guy. He's just about finished with the two scoot rebuilds so maybe . . . guess I'd better see if I can find a "Work In Progress", too, although where I live the chance of finding a Rambler is remote. Now, if I wanted an old pickup, no problem!

  3. I'm with Christine! I want a rambler. My mom had one the green color of doublemint gum wrappers. I want to see photos of your artwork. I need visuals!


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