Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A few fun thingies!

Well, so much for being good and staying away from the thrift stores!  I...ummm...just happened to be in the neighborhood of the Goodwill on its sporadic 1/2 off sale and I um......wandered in....accidentally...yeah that's it!

I found this Samsonite train case and I have big plans for it.
I'm gonna pinstripe this one and about 5 other train cases and random boxes and then sell them at the Mopar Spring Fling car show and also the Johnny Cash Music Festival.  The money from sellin' em is gonna to to fixing up my '63 Dart station wagon. Woo Woo!

"Travel Handsome, Travel Light.  Travel always Samsonite"

It was 1/2 off $4.99 and still has the name & address of the former owner! 

Now check out what's inside!

Wacky dishes!

Rippled Glass with frosted designs.  Is it an ash tray?  Candy dish?  Who knows but it was 1/2 off $1.99!

Super cute froggy soap dish/toothbrush holder.  This guy makes me smile!  I'm pretty sure he's meant to be my friend Jaymee's B-day gift.....shhhh!  Don't tell! and don't tell it was only 1/2 off $2.99!

And here's the best score! It was 1/2 off $1.99 This ceramic ashtray is awesome and unusual. 
If you flip it over...
 The clay it was made from looks like it was crudely tossed into the mold.  You can see the places it was sqooshed into the mold too (those aren't cracks).  It was never glazed on the bottom and the signature was written right in it before it was fired. The signature is illegible and the label is partially missing...

Has anyone seen this label or technique before?  I'm at a loss!  

So that's it!  I spent very little and intend to sell all of these things so it was just a harmless little 
thrift-a-holic jaunt!


  1. That ashtray is quite cool, and I like that suitcase and your Dart fundraising scheme. I was reading somewhere recently about using a vintage suitcase as a hiding place for additional audio speakers in the back of a vintage wagon. It's on my to do list for the Comet. Nice thrifty shopping and equally nice rationalization for acquiring more stuff too!

  2. The last ashtray is sooo mid-century!

    As for rationalizing trips to the Thrift store? Hey, someone has to keep this era alive, right? Right? ;)

  3. Atomic Ranch House:
    Yeah that's it! WE ARE PRESERVATIONISTS!

    Uncle Atom:
    I think the suitcase for speakers is an awesome idea! You could make it detachable so if you wanted the cargo more than the sound...voila!

    Since I've done such a good job rationalizing the purchases, I better get started on the money making aspect of my schemes! My "investments" are starting to pile up!

  4. Can't wait to see what your train case looks like when you're done with it! Please post photos!

  5. Fabbo train case, and I think we need to see the Dart as well!

  6. We need to have a serious discussion about that ashtray. How much for that gorgeous thing? Email me, perhaps we can trade.

  7. I do love that ashtray too! Seems you won't have any trouble selling that! I have a weakness for suitcases too, especially train cases... reminds me of when travel used to be glamorous.

  8. HO.. LEE... MOE... LEE! I had that Samsonite case in light blue as a kid. That thing lasted for decades! They knew how to make luggage back then! My luggage now gets torn and uglier every time we use it.

  9. Sweet ashtray. I collect the heck out of Eames era ashtrays and haven't run across one of those. Nice. I also love your travel case. I found a couple of great Samsonite suitcases for 3 bucks apiece the other day in EXCELLENT condish! I'd really like to find a travel case like yours.

  10. Very cool stuff! Love the flower pins. I have found some very authentic looking travel stickers that I put on my old travel cases. It just adds to the vintage flavor!
    I heart your blog!! Zootsuitmama

  11. I love your blog, so smuch so, that I have an Award for you!
    I hope you come over and pick it up, and of course share...

  12. Don't forget everybody-Come to Zootsuitmama's blog and enter the Kitchen contest! All you gotta do is post a pix of your kitchen on your blog, let Zootsuitmama know about it by posting me a comment, and voila -youre entered! Zootsuitmama

  13. I love the little frog dude you found it's adorable. As soon as I read that it makes you smile I realized I surely have to follow your Blog, because I was just trying to explain to my Mom that vintage kitchen frog scrubbie holders ALWAYS make me smile! *She thought I was crazy!*


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