Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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Welcome to the Happy Hide-Away Pink Flamingo Rescue and Rehabilitation Center!   
Here at HHAPFR&RC we believe that every little Pink Flamingo deserves the chance to live out its golden years in peace and dignity.  Join us today to hear the story of two such brave souls!

Meet Adam & Steve, they were discovered laying injured in a muddy flower bed; veritable cast offs from the rest of the "quality merchandise" at a local estate sale.  Who knows how long they had lain in the muck... weeks...months....years?  They had surely been the former kings of the yard, overseeing the long sunny days and blooming of flowers in the warm California sunshine.  Over the years the yard became crowded with other "ornaments", stone bird baths, sundials...once the Gnomes moved in they knew the neighborhood had finally hit the rocks.  They were soon to follow, their pink plumage too shocking for the now elderly gardener, too garish for the pebble pathways, too gasp--KITSCHY!

They lay in a pile of rubbish, with pleading eyes, "Won't anyone take us home?".  Time and time they were ignored until one special customer happened upon them.  She braved the squishy mud and leaned over the rubbish swooping them up into her arms.  "Yessssss! We're saved!"
They were in pretty bad shape, so bad in fact the people running the sale didn't even charge for them.  Adam & Steve are common law flamingos and have been living together so long who cares if the state of California doesn't recognize their right to marry....flamingos pair for life.  Usually there is a "he" and a "she" flamingo .  One is in the heads up pose, the other in a heads down pose.  Flamingos are naturally very flamboyant and it is hard to tell which is male or female but when these two started in on how much they loved Judy Garland, well it was obvious what was going on.

They had both suffered damage over the years,  Adam had the worst of it, his leg holder had been completely sheared off and he was in dire need of a synthetic leg replacement.  Luckily for him one of the top leading P.P.F (pink plastic flamingo) Surgeons was in town for the Lawn ornament and Wirly-Gig Symposium and volunteered his services, gratis.
It is important to utilize as much of the original flamingo parts as possible to ensure that there is no rejection of implants during recovery.  Premium alloy screws were used and the implant was specially colored to blend in with Adam's plumage.  Flamingos are very proud creatures and need to look their best to maintain proper self-esteem.  Otherwise you may have a depressed flamingo on your hands...not a pretty sight.

Here is Adam trying out his new legs!  He tried to make a break for the closest hedge.  We had to intercept him and take him back for his final Hot Glue Treatment.  Steve also had extensive Hot Glue Treatments to mend his broken but not severed leg holder and also had a brand new set of metal legs crafted just for him.
After a short recovery time, the pair has been released at the Happy Hide-Away Pink Flamingo Rescue & Rehabilitation Center.  Here they are in their natural habitat, enjoying the flora and sunshine once again!

Adam & Steve home at last in the Garden of Eden

Ahh!  Time to stop and smell the daisies!  Another happy ending for our pink pals!
Also at the HHAPFR&RC is a fresh new flock of  a rare breed of miniature flamingo.  The "Pinkies" are almost ready for adoption!  Could one of these little fellas fit into your life?
Stay posted for the "Pinky" files!



  1. How very cool!!

    I was just checking eBay for pink lawn flamingos a week ago. I remember seeing some still boxed in a Thrift store back in the mid-90's. Why didn't I buy them grrr lol...

    After seeing your charming post, I just know I'll have to get some for my own southern CA lawn. The neighbors will hate them hee hee =D

  2. Oh boy, I'm feeling the flamingo love. What a nice story. I love happy endings. Here's to Adam and Steve...Enjoy your new lives together. And those babies....so sweet!

  3. Please let us know when the next Lawn Ornament and Wirly-Gig Symposium comes to town, haha. I have some light-up pink flamingo lawn ornaments that I got at Target--they were actually being sold in the Xmas decoration area and were the only ones they had. Too many people thinking light-up snowmen and Santas, I guess, but I nabbed 'em. Still sitting in the box, though, since I'm Queen of Procrastinors, but they'll get out on the lawn one of these days. I LOVE the babies--where did you get them?


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