Friday, March 5, 2010

Deer Prudence

I like ceramics that are shaped like animals. I like them even more if its a receptacle of some kind say like a vase, a mug or a planters.  I have a nice little collection of miscellaneous creatures and most of them are completely unrelated but I did notice a small subculture developing.....deer.  I think it was a popular animal to stylize back in the day and like all things eventually do, it is popular again these days.  Here are some of my deer friends:

This beautiful shadow box frame came from a very interesting yard sale that was around the corner from my house.  It was a small bungalow home with a small front yard.  It looked like they took a bulldozer and pushed all of the stuff inside the house into the front yard.  We got a few neat things that day!  

This is an unusual pose for a deer ceramic, usually they have their heads up and are busy looking majestic.  This one looks like it is hiding from hunters.  The little yellow guy is a lamb but was just too cute to leave out.


Here is a made in Japan probable knock off of Disney's  Bambi and Flower. I don't really care for Disneyana;  I just thought it was really cute.  I really like the little mushrooms!  It has no Disney markings on it.

These two are pretty small.  I love the cracking in the glaze.  The little white guy says "Shirley" on the bottom.  He is very stylized, aren't his floppy ears adorable? 

This guy is my favorite and I think my first deer figurine.  It is in perfect condition and has a planter/vase behind him.  What I love most is the expression on his face

He is smiling!
His detailing is very subtle too.  Look at the raised dots on his bum and the chevron marks on his neck.
He just makes my day!


  1. I dearly love your dear deer, dear! No really, I have several deer planters and I love them! I think I like the Disneyesque one best.

  2. Oh crap! I wish I knew you collected deer. I would have sent you something else in your box-o-goodies! I'll hang on to it until there is another opportunity!

    Happy weekend!

  3. Very nice! I must follow your blog now.
    I JUST made a post of my deery collection too!
    and I believe we have the same little bambi lookin' planter :)


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