Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Beverly Hillbilly

Last weekend was a busy one for me.  I had the unusual opportunity to earn a little extra cash and since I was down to my last lucky penny I took it.  My 9-5 job is at a sign shop.  I'm a graphic designing, production managing, sign making, phone answering, order taking, email answering 9-5-ing fool all week long.  One of our customers has a Valet parking business that handles restaurants and private parties in Los Angeles.  He came in for an order last week and asked me if I had time to work for him on Saturday the 6th.  I asked him what would I have to do and he said (in a very charming European accent) that it was a pre Oscar party in Beverly Hills and I would be the Valet greeter.....to the stars?  Mr. Demille, I'm ready for my close up!

Actually, before you get too excited it was for all of the Oscar nominated composers and lyricists.  The Society of Composers and Lyricists to be exact.  Still cool but no Hollywood actors.

It is a presentational party held annually in Beverly Hills at a very kitschy 60's modern home.  It was just one sprawling story (as opposed to the genuine mansions all around) and was modest by today's standards of Beverly Hills.  I only got to go inside once, to use the bathroom. I wish I could have taken pics!

The front door was ENORMOUS and somewhat modern Asian inspired.  It opened onto a atrium and the there was another enormous door.  The front room was about as big as my apartment and was filled with gold guided furniture that Liberace himself may have picked out!  The carpet was an unholy shade of electric blue and went on for acres.  There was a wall-o-glass that opened onto a very chic flat, square pool inclosed in courtyard. That's right, SWIMMING POOLS, MOVIE STARS...

The powder room was a whole other creation, small but outrageously decorated.  The main color was black with fabric covered walls, they were practically quilted.  The toilet was short and all black, the area behind the sink was one huge mirror which gave the room an infinite, fun house feel.  When I looked up, the ceiling was also covered in fabric.  It came to a fan-like swirl in the middle and a small crystal chandelier hung from it.  I liked it very much but would never decorate a room of my own like that.

I had no time or allowance to explore, I was on the clock after all.  The rest of the day was filled with writing valet tickets and opening car doors for people.  Only one extra fancy car came through, it was an Aston Martin and I had to scour the car for an emblem that identified what it was.  I had never seen one before!  In another indecent I didn't recognize a car that had a "horsey" on the emblem.  I had begun to write Lamborghini although it didn't look like one, I asked one of the valets and he said it was a Porsche, silly me. It was fun and all the valets were nice to me.  I have been living about 45 miles North of LA for over ten years now and rarely go into the big city.  This was the most Hollywood experience I've ever had.  The whole time I was in Beverly Hills all I could think about were the Clampets.  I wish I had parked Uncle Jed's ol' Jalopy!  I myself felt like a Beverly Hillbilly!

Stay tuned for my own lil' Hillbilly Hide-away...Y'all!


  1. Did you say "howdy ya'll" when you opened the door for the stars? Sounds like fun!

  2. Still, you were THIS close to the stars! Maybe this year, you'll be in for a face-to-face greeting with the celebs and musicians themselves! Ah, this is one of those moments that make valet work at a high-profile event awesome.


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