Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rose Bowl Sum Up

Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to vend at the iconic Rose Bowl Swap Meet with the very lovely miss Jenny Pea!  It was a loooooooong hot day in LA but it was an absolute blast!  I managed to snap a few pics in between sales and socializing.  Take a look! 

 Here I am inside our packed booth.  Between Jenny & I we had quite an assortment of good stuff!

 Train cases!  They were in abundance all across the swap meet.  I only managed to sell the burgundy one...for $5.00

 Jenny had some nice dead stock chrome & lucite light fixtures and a beautiful teak bedroom set, but buyers were fickle and that stuff came back with us. 

 Miss Jenny and the acres of swap meet sprawling out behind her.  Let me tell you that place was HUGE!

 More of the beautiful teak and a portable guitar as well as the black velvet staple, a bull fighter.

Surprisingly none of the Sci Fi books sold.  Which is ok, I said a secret prayer that no one would buy them so I could keep them.  Prayers answered!

The kitchen stuff sold like hot cakes, as did the random clothing & accessories out there.

More random goodies pictures above.  We both did pretty well, I made enough to keep me afloat till payday and gained some valuable experience & knowledge.  One of the things I learned is that LA types have deep pockets and you can really mark-up your wares compared to my local swap meets.  Really, all of the vendors there specialize in certain things.  One booth may be all denim clothing, another leather and one all wrought iron stuff. They have done all of the heavy pickin' and are presenting you the buyer, the cream of the crop.  As a buyer, you can't walk 3 feet without tripping over something amazing, but you better be prepared to shell out for it.  As a seller, well its paradise!

I didn't spend a cent on items, just food (girl gotta eat!) so I really didn't walk around too much.  Next time maybe I can get more pics of other vendors.  I really hope there is a next time too!



  1. I love the sci-fi books rack! I have a similar collection of magazines and paperbacks (Invaders from Rigel, etc), with a similar attachment to them. How many times have they been saved from the jaws of the household yard sale bin I'm putting together! Also, can't believe no one bought those chrome lamps, GREAT. This post makes me want to go a-swappin!

  2. I'm shocked no one bought the scifi but good for you!

  3. Wow- that looks like my idea of a good time! :) We have lots of small sales around here and probably lower prices, but I would love to shop a giant meet like that once in a while!

  4. I see some great stupid in those pics - really digging the bullfighter, and Zi would have bought me some Sci fi mags for sure. Sounds like you'll have new knowledge of what to take next time you go - would enjoy lots more pics to drool over but I know that's hard to do when you're selling.

  5. Ok great stupid was supposed to be STUFF - this phone is fighting me!

  6. What a valuable experience for you! Next time you go you'll be a seasoned pro! ;) love those cases!

  7. I love the train cases... the light blue is very sweet. Glad you did well!


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