Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pasadena Rose Bowl Swapmeet

Pasadena Rose Bowl Swap I come!!  I was lucky enough to be invited to split the cost of a booth at the legendary  Rose Bowl swap meet this Sunday!  When you collect everything like I do, you can end up with a ton of over-flow awesomeness.  This is just the tip of the iceberg!  It is pure co-inky-dink that I was pulling items to list on Ebay/Etsy just last night but it is such a time consuming endeavor I wasn't looking forward to it.  Now I can pack it all up and go try my hand as a vendor in the major leagues!

Here is a sneak peek at some of what I'm cutting loose...

My kitchen table looks like an antique mall!

Beautiful paint by number ducks

Horse head planter with gold detailing

Very politically in-correct drink stirrers

This phone has a plaque on it declaring that it was property of Warner Bros. Studios. - How cool!

1950's poodle tea pot

Promotional pictures from the Indy Speed Way

Starburst bowl set

Draper worthy tumblers

Weirdo mugs!
I have SOOOO MUCH more to pack!  Vintage Aprons, tons of  vintage Hawaiian dresses, science fiction pulp books, a huge lot of vintage car magazines, lamps, kitchen canisters and who knows what else!  It is good timing too because I just got saddled with a couple big hospital bills from a emergency room visit to treat a sprained foot.  If I would have known my insurance covered so little, I would have just let the dang foot fall off!  I guess now I've got two good feet to help load up my merchandise on Sunday.  Wish me luck!  -P.S. I'll give you a full report of how it goes!


  1. Fun stuff! I have that mixer with the same juicer and bowls. :) That sounds like a great time, and Pasadena is fun if you have time after. Good luck selling!

  2. Is that blue round radio for sale? Or already sold?? My dad used to have one years ago and I'd love to replace it! Let us know how you go selling, sounds like an awesome market, I can't wait to do a big buying trip to the USA!

  3. Ahhh, the Rose Bowl... lucky indeed! Love that place, the tablecloth and your duck PBNs, so cute.

  4. Hope you had a nice sale!
    I've been doing the same thing all this summer, selling my extra goodies! It's pretty fun to see who'll buy your junk, huh?
    You better get that phone hooked up, I bet the commissioner is trying to buzz in! The Joker's on the loose! Haha.

  5. As long as I have lived here in so. Cal, I have never been to that Rose Bowl swap!

  6. Girlfriend, with all that good stuff I'll bet you made a killing! But how could you part with your PBN's? And that poodle? And the phone? And and and????? Hey, I totally know about having to divest oneself of TOO MUCH STUFF--I do it every weekend at our local flea market, waving bye-bye to one beloved thing after another. Hope ya had a great time!!!

  7. I would really like to go to that flea market some day - you've got some cool stuff, I hope it sold.

  8. Hope you came home empty handed with a huge wad of cash :) Which I'm sure you did, who wouldn't want to bring all of that awesomeness home with them?

  9. I just found an identical vintage poodle tea pot at a local thrift shop. Do you remember how much you sold it for? I am trying to find out how much it is worth. Thanks so much:)
    PS. I have always wanted to go to that flea market.


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