Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stair way to........??

Hola Amigos!  My stairs are still "under construction" and what was originally billed as a few days of work in now over the 7 day mark.  I have thankfully been able to get upstairs and live in my apartment for most of the construction, although it is severely crampin' my style and my bloggin'.

The day they were slated to be done and NO RAILING ON THE PORCH!  This is how the guy left it on the day we were to re-occupy the house.

There were a few tense moments there with the property manager & construction guy.  Our neighbors had told us that the construction guy wasn't coming in until after 12pm to work and which was making the work go very slowly.  Then, the day the job was "supposed" to be completed, and were about 1/2 way done he told me that he needed to "pawn some stuff to buy more wood" in order to finish!

Do not adjust your monitor, that cat is actually HUGE, and those stairs are actually that sh*tty!

That's when I called the Prop. Management office.  We had some questions about whether or not this joker was capable of the job and that solidified it.  Some drama ensued, and then the Prop. Mgmt lady told me she would make it right.  That lit a fire under the guys ass and he is finally, hopefully, nearly done.  Heck, he was painting them when I came home for lunch today so my fingers are crossed!

 The stairs have since been "beefed" up but only because I complained about the "bounciness" of them to the Management Lady.  Stairs aint s'posed to be bouncy!

Once the construction is done, I will be able to access my garage again and resume the Tiki Bar Arcade posts.  I just know y'all are dying to see what's next right?  Hello...are you guys still there? LOL.  In the meantime, I have been really enjoying reading all of YOUR blogs and I wanna show off some goodies that have arrived in the mail from Ben over at HOARDER OF AWESOME, one of the Manly blogs I featured last week.  Check check check it out!

Ben is a very talented artiste and re-used & re-decorated the envelope that I had sent him some goodies in (reduce, reuse, recycle!).  Inside it was jammed packed with some of his band poster art and some mix cd's that are from Christmas, but aint Christmas music!  I also got one of the postcards he and his lovely lady made up for Christmas.  My guess is they realllly dig them some Christmas!  It was for sure like Christmas in June for me!

Here is a close up of one of the little baddies on the envelope.  He looks like he could be a friend of Rat Fink!

Poster #1, a demented rabbit-skeleton eatin' his way through some pizza!  Rawr!

Poster #2, Mr. Pizza is a "Greaser"  fo-sho in his Fonzie jacket and jukebox accompaniment!

Poster #3, Big headed, bucktoothed Harry hits up the town! The detail on this one is gosh darned amazing!  I have hung these up behind my desk at work so I can enjoy them everyday! 

Here is one of the mixed cd's featuring tons of crazy vintage musiks and more of Ben's crazy art!  I love this guy, he's so groovy he can make records levitate!  This illustration is so jammed packed with fun stuff!  I like that the record player looks like its hoppin' around to the music.  That is one hep cat! (down in the corner).

What can you say, "Tanked on Nog" is an instant hit record!  More vintage hip tunes than you can shake an ugly stick at!  Ben, I will be listening to these forever!

Last but not least here is a close up pic of one of the snap shots on their Xmas card.  Ben is mixing drinks while impersonating a drunken lamp and Melanie is flippin' the 45.  You two are so adorable!   
 Thanks again for this lil' package of awesome! 

If you happened to miss my last post on Boy Vintage Blogger and now have an unquenchable urge to check out Ben's Blog, HOARDER OF AWESOME, then juct click it man!  You won't be disappointed! Now, I'm gonna go back to praying that my stairs are done sometime this year!  Take care everyone! 


  1. Whoo hoo what cool stuff! I found a couple more manly man blogs and will post them on my blog soon.

    Wow we miss you Amber!

    Glad your stairs will be done soon. Construction: Estimate a time, then multiply it by 3-5X. Always works out like that grrr lol...

  2. Ha! I really love his art ('specially the xmas mix)... Thanks for sharing ;)

    Keeping my fingers crossed for ya!

  3. Fun stuff! Does Mr. I Need to Pawn Stuff have access to your apartment?

  4. What a fiasco! Makes me nervous thinking about building an entire house. Hmmmm....the Scamp and Aloha are looking better by the minute. What a great package from HOA. Reminds me of the fabulous package I received from my blogger friend in Ventura.

  5. I think one of the best things about this bloggy world I am now a part of is the surprise mail! I have gotten a few things from the community out there and sent out a few too. In fact, I was gonna do a give-away when I hit 50 followers, so keep an eye out, I'm almost there. You all are so fun & amazing its been such a blast so far!

    As for crazy-pants McGee the carpenter, no he doesn't have access to the place unless he busts through a window. The stairs are 95% done and look a helluva lot better than those photos which were from a week ago today. I'll post pics of the finished product! I guess he was the "best" handy-man the owner's of the Crap Shack could afford!

  6. Sorry you're still "out of step" but at least soon you'll have something hopefully safer than before. I hope it's real soon!

    And hey, that's a cool care package, that dude has some drawing talent!!

  7. Glad ya dig it all...I still can't find my cover art for Tanked on Nog...I'll keep looking.

  8. Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!
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