Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wall to wall stuff!

An amazing thing happened this weekend...or should I say didn't happen.  I didn't go to a single yard sale, estate sale, rummage sale or thrift store!  I know I can barely believe it too!  It was a good thing because 1, I don't have much money right now and 2, I spent today cleaning up the apartment and can now show it off a little! 

Here is the living room of my palatial estate, Casa De Von Felts! 
My apartment is the upstairs unit of a Duplex and is actually pretty roomy, especially considering the amount of stuff I have in it! The apartment has a lot of 50's charm like the window boxes up there.  They are perfect for displaying my vintage basket purse collection.  That big orange window is the one that peeks into my bedroom and on the other side its now a giant chalk board.  I got the coffee table for $5 bucks on my birthday one year.  It is the ultimate coffee table, hand tiled and heavy duty enough to dance on.  Believe me, its been tested! :-) 

Here is a really sweet vintage rug that I scored at local thrift store.  It really pulls the room together, does it not Dude?  The orange chair is my roommates and is actually a pretty retro lookin' contemporary piece.  I'll do a close up on the items on the shelf tomorrow but some of what your seeing is old radios, pictures of nekkid ladies and fake birdies.  Down below is my Mexican Velvet Elvis painting, record player and stereo headphones but more on that stuff later.

I got this neat shelf from a yardsale around the corner from my place.  It is the perfect set up for records and DVD's and...lotsa little stuffs.  Up top is my collection of vintage calculators and random animals figures and on the shelf even higher is vintage cameras.  On the left is my original gumball machine, at one time I had over 20 of them but that's another story entirely!  I'll get some close ups of the good stuff on this wall posted later too!  The little rocker is my roommate's other piece of furniture.  Can you believe that everything else is mine?  And this is only the tip of the iceberg as they say. Sheesh!  

Stay tuned for the close ups!  Its about time I showcased some of my existing treasures instead of the new arrivals, otherwise I'll never keep up. :-)



  1. Wow very nice! I wish I had my walls and floors done so I can get to the fun part... The interior design!

    Can't wait to see the close-ups... =)

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  3. I love your pole lamp. The coffee table looks awesome. I'd like to see a close up of the tile. Great place.

  4. Neat place!
    Are those purses above your windows?
    I have a small collection of those basket ones myself, I'd like to see your collection up close!


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