Monday, February 8, 2010

Have a Seat

I scored some cool stuff at an estate sale this weekend.  I was hooked by the signs exclaiming 1/2 off and followed the arrows to a cute little house that was a remodeled mid century home.  The last occupants had probably lived there since the 60's but had covered up a lot of the vintage charm of the house sometime in the 80's.  There wasn't much left at the sale but I did find two things that I had to have! 

 I bought this chair, pictured with Lucy, my old Dart wagon (which hauled the stuff home) for half off of $28.50.  It has a spring-rocker-action that is really cool.  It came with a custom fitted cushion that is covered in a yucky 1980's rose print fabric.  I will see if I can recover the cushion with something more age appropriate. Here it is in the living room with my other wire chair, an original Herman Miller Eames model which I found on its way to the dumpster.

I also found this red table in what looked like the sewing room of the house.  It is a homemade mash up of two different materials.  I believe the stand was from another table and the top looks like it was just a scrap piece of wood painted a nice red.  I like it because it is homemade and vintage at the same time!

I'm going to include it in the re-design of my bedroom.  I am taking out the "wall -o-curtains" and putting in a wall-o-chalk board.  My apartment is pretty wacky and seems to have been built out of whatever was laying around.  My bedroom is a closed in sun porch and not only has windows all the way around the outer wall, but has a window looking into the living room.
The curtains keep me from seeing into the living room and vice-versa.  If I pull them back I can watch tv from bed!

I'll take some after shots of the chalk board wall installation.  I'm painting it today and will set it up soon.  I can't wait!


  1. amber, youre so cool and you heart everything! I am one of the first 15 people to join your site, so I'm looking forward to something crafty (like tactile wall hangings or something). I am glad you finally get to do something with all your "stuff", nice motivation! Also I noticed you drew the background images, familiar looking! You are so cool and I heart you always -sarah

  2. Thats right! The first 15 people will get a surprise in the mail. Something custom & cool. Thanks to my sister Sarah for joining! I heart you always too Sarah! Yay!

  3. I am also a lamp person. They call me the lamp whisperer. Your Dart Wagon is beautiful. Will you be doing a post on that? I'd love to see it. Welcome to the blogosphere. Looking forward to reading your blog. Love the backround.

  4. I actually have a blog just for the Dart it is at You can read all about her!

  5. I'm heading to jumpstartmyheart now. Thanks.


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