Monday, February 20, 2012

Calendar Girls - Vintage Pin-up Scrapbook

My boyfriend and I were lured out of bed early on Friday morning to a sale that sounded oh so good in the Craigslist post but in reality was just a bunch of over priced modern items.  We still had an hour before I had to get to work, so we followed another Craigslist ad to a sale across town.  When we got to the address, there was nothing there!  Downtrodden, we headed back to the house so I could pick up my car and lo and behold, there was an unadvertised sale just a few blocks from the house.  It looked good from the street and when we got in the driveway, it was apparent that this was the sale to redeem our morning and make getting  out of bed early worth it!  It was full of manly things or "Mantiques" as I have heard them called.  John got a collection of barbed wire (i kid you not) and a pocket knife and I found this, the most fantastic scrap book ever!

Don't let the traditional scene on the cover fool you, this aint your granny's scrap book....

It is chock fulla sexy ladies!!!

There are 30 pages of painstakingly cut out and taped in classic pin-ups.  These are original printings from the 40's and 50's.  They would have appeared in calendars, magazines and advertisements.  Some one who was really an appreciator of the female form took the time to assemble this stunning collection!  I'm sure the original owner really enjoyed cutting around all the curves (wink wink).  The small bits of tape give them the look of paper dolls, which really isn't far from the truth!  These dolls are all made of paper!

Here are the pages as they appear in the book, along with some closer shots of choice ladies.  Enjoy!

The Fine Print:

Bonus Material:
 These two items were just in the book, unattached.  The black & white is an actual photograph.  It doesn't say who she is.  If you recognize her, hopefully it is from other publications, and not because she is a relative! (P.S. I added the stars!)  

And finally, the parting words from the last page of this remarkable scrap book:


  1. WHAT A GEM OF A FIND! such great examples, and whoever put them in sure was tape crazy! Me, Pat and Joe got up saturday and went Estate sale-ing we all got some great "kills" one house (which proved very fruitful) we have deemed "The Golden Girls House" because when we stepped inside we all agreed the house should ahve come with Rue McClanahan. And Im KICKING myself becuase I didnt have my camera to get pictures!!!! Which do you prefer Estate Sales or Auctions?

    1. Mick, I have been to estate sales like that! Like time capsules! Here in California, we don't have Estate auctions, at least not like the ones you guys have in other states. I would LOVE to go to a real estate auction! I prefer Estate Sales to regular garage sales and yard sales. I'm always careful to treat the house like a museum or library. I can't stand it when people are elbowing and pushing stuff around at estate sales. That was someones life people! Respect that. Besides, if you are looking carefully, you will learn a lot about the things in the house and the person who loved them.

  2. Oh my gosh, that's amazing!! Though, I'm kind of bemused by the inclusion of the Nancy comic.

    1. Yeah, the Nancy struck me as out of place too! It is a funny joke though and in the context of the rest of the images, kind of makes sense!

  3. Wow, what a find, thanks for sharing!

  4. This is so cool! I was about to say the same thing about the random Nancy strip. "I love good looking women... and an occasional spitfire like little Nancy." I think the girl with the bongos is my favorite. Could you imagine the setup and circumstances of those old pin-up photographer's studios? [William Demarest type] "Aaah... gimme a set of bongo's... the maribou number with the see through...aaaaand...the straw hat, the straw hat, that's the ticket." Thanks for all the great scans!

  5. Whoah. This is one of the best finds EVER, in my opinion. So many Vargas and Petty girls! And I love how they look like paper dolls.

    You are one lucky lady!


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