Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Highlights!

Oh man, do I love HALLOWEEN!  Here are some highlights from the October festivities so far...more to come tonight, I can't wait!

Saturday, Oct 22nd: Driveway Drive-In Zombie Movie Double Feature.  
We showed Shaun of the Dead & Zombieland.  And, as the host and coordinator, I barely got any pics.  So sad because the set up was AMAZING, the attendance good and the movies GREAT!   

Here is a tiny pic of the movie in progress.  We watched it on garage door so it was actually about 8' tall x 15' wide

My own Zombie make up...RWAR!
Molly-zom and Amber-zom

Molly was very much in character!

Our Zombie Costume Contes winners, Molly & Jaymee the lovely wedding couple!

Saturday, Oct. 29th: Billy O's Halloween Bash

Several Costumed cover bands played to a raucous crowd of Halloween revelers!  My extremely good sported boyfriend was the Princess Leia to my Jabba the Hut costume!  It was a smash hit!  Everyone loved Jabba, but Leia was the real crowd pleaser!

John on the left, me on the right...way under there somewhere! 

 Cower my slave!

 The Muppet looking guy is Salacious Crumb, Jabba's court jester & pet.  My actual left hand operated the puppet, while Jabba's left hand was pinned to the costume.

 Here are just a few of the other amazing costumes out that night!

"Mustache Rides"

Sid Viscous

Tinker Bunny

Lydia & Beetlejuice

More Beetlejuice characters

Viking Couple & a Motorcycle Guy


Today is take your Jabba to work day (so your co-workers can see him).

I built Jabba with paper mache, a laundry basket and lots of hot glue & spray paint!
My makeup for work, a Dia De Los Muertos half face.

 My clever co-worker, Jeff wants you to ask him about his zombie shirt....go ahead...ask....
When you do, he pulls the outer shirt over his head to reveal a zombie face and body! 

Pretty darn clever huh?

Since we are to old to trick or treat tonight, John & I will be donning the Star Wars costumes again to try and win first place at another big Halloween party.  Wish us luck and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! 


  1. Awesome costumes, and what a good sport your BF is!! Good luck in the contest tonight

  2. Oh my! What crazy, creepy fun you had this weekend! The Star Wars costumes are very clever, and I loved your Dia face paint! Did you win?!

  3. RAD RAD RAD! ahh you make me miss ventura so. hope you had a fun halloween night =)

  4. Okay, you guys had too, too much Halloween fun! And yay for it! Love all of the photos and that Jabba and the princess pairing is divine!

  5. A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!! I love your Jabba & Leia costumes!


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