Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vintage Time Traveling - Box o' Brochures

A few weekends ago I was out junkin' at an Estate sale with my esteemed junkin' colleague, Stephanie.  It was a Sunday, and 1/2 off day for this two day sale.  It was an adorable mid-century house that was very well taken care of and you could just tell that the occupants lived a happy life.  They had tons of travel souvenirs thoughout the house and in the garage, I found a box filled with vintage travel brochures from across this great country of ours! Lets take a looksee!  You can CLICK any PIC for a larger version.  Don't strain your eyes, you'll need em for the scenic views!

There are over 50 in all and some of them have names and dates scrawled on them documenting who went on the trip and when!  The artwork, typesetting and colors are just fantastic!  

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Lets all go on a time travelin' Vintage Vacation together! C'mon hop in the ol' station wagon and let's hit the highways!  

"Freshen Up"- Free road map from a Philips filling station

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Technicolor Wonders Await you in the Rockies!

Take one of the Big Red Buses to see the sights!
"Beep Beep"  All aboard!
How majestic!

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Virginia is for lovers, and horses.  Especially lovers on horses.

"Romantic Charm of Virginia"  They just don't have slogans like that anymore.
These illustrations are amazing!  I want to time travel to that beach in my wool bikini!

Virginia has more to offer than just beaches and historical charm...

...why you can go "down on the farm" and walk hand in hand with your mother well past the age it is appropriation to do so! This scene reminds me of the character Glenn from Madmen and his fixation on Bettie Draper. This could be a scene from his fantasies!

"What's that Ma?  You don't like Virginia?  Well I know what to do about that, kids go get the rotten tomatoes!"
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 My favorite by far is this Union Pacific Railroad guide to vacationing at he Grand Canyon

It is many pages thick and has a host of technicolor landscapes and beyond-charming clip art.
Clip art explosion!  {Click for larger pic.}

"America's Scenic Sensation"

"Five in One" - Five scenic parks: Zion National Park, Cedar Breaks, Kaibab Forest, Grand Canyon & Brice Canyon

Kaibab- a Piute Indian word meaning "Mountain Lying Down"

Bryce Canyon - "Beauty of the trails is revealed in form & color"

The Grandeur of the Grand Canyon - A palette of colors!

Grand Canyon viewed from "Point Sublime"
 "The Flaming Bowl" of Bryce Canyon

Ceder Breaks National Monument
Flowers!  I love the illustration on the right.
The lodging  accommodations at  the park.
I wonder if any of these are still around?
I like the sense of humor they have about repelling down the canyon by you dungarees to take snapshots of the scenery!
 Probably my favorite section of this brochure, "Lets See!  What to take?" I His n' Hers guide to what to pack on your railroad journey to the Grand Canyon.  It is adorable.  Case in point: don't forget your slippers dear! 

The dining car aboard the train. "Meal time is a delightful interlude"

"Relax" (they all look so staunch) while you lounge in the lounge car!
 "The seasoned traveler goes by train.  For dependable transportation...
Be specific...say "Union Pacific"

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How lovely!  I hope you all enjoyed the time-traveling vintage vacation!  I had a blast!  


  1. Eek! What a great instant collection! Oooohhh... that clip art explosion picture would make a great desktop wallpaper. One of my dream trips is a road trip across the US - this has just intensified the dream :)

  2. The "What to Take Guide" is my new desktop background...who brings a robe on vacation? A ROBE. Also, I think I want to go to Virginia now. I mean, look at it. Colonial swains and maids? Beaches? Horseback riding? Let's just go on and do this.

    GREEEEAAAAAAT find, lady! :)

  3. Wowee! You just experienced my dream estate sale scenario. Lucky girl!

  4. Nice find! I love looking at old maps and brochures, rare to find here though!

  5. Awesome! I just found a bunch of these recently too! I better get scannin' 'em up!

  6. Love all the pictures on the old brochures! Can't resist em either!

  7. All these vacations makes me want a Delorian Soooooooooooo bad! I'd copy them front and back and wallpaper a room with the copies!

  8. Most of my fav movies (and I've watched more than most) are period road trip movies. Or they have that element set in the story. Nice find!!

  9. These are great - you just don't see illustrations like these much any more

  10. These are awesome. A lot the times when we travel we'll say something like "where do you want to go now?" "I want to visit Los Angeles in the 1950s."

  11. Hi Amber,
    Love these...the clothes, the cars, the writing sytle, even the monuments looked better then. You won a prize over at One Gal's Trash!

  12. Hey Amber!
    Email me your address at dotproblem(at)msn(dot)com, and I'll get your food porn in the mail to you.


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