Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RWAR! Attack of the Chinasaurus!

Here is one of my odder collections....large plastic dinosaurs!!  These crazy dinos are all made in China and are kinda tacky "Godzilla" interpretations of what we think dinosaurs actually looked like.  I really love them in all their hard plastic-y glory!  Most of them live on the old garden fence in our long driveway/alley. 

Behold:  The prehistoric land of the Chinasaurus!

I began collecting these guys sorta-accidentally.  I found a really goofy lookin' T-Rex at a swap meet and brought him home, the original Chinasauraus.  He wasn't alone for long because it seemed every time I went to a yard sale another one would pop up and say take me home too!


 Now, I have a whole outdoor diorama of Chinasaurus activity!
 There are peaceful long necks...

Curious Spikeys...

Nesting families...

Red Bullies...

Camouflage hideouts... 

Toothy Grins...

And Carnivorous Picnics!

The Prehistoric land of the Chinasaurus is a wild and dangerous place!
Mmmmm...is anyone else getting hungry?  Ha ha! 


  1. I lmao'ed at the poor dino getting eatin to bits! Then I felt sad for him. =/

    You really have a helluva collection of these little plastic dudes. I have 2 or 3 kicken around.. there is one thing I remember clearly about them.. they hurt like a b*^#$ when you step on them.


  2. Dino LOVE! When we get a house with a real yard, I'm totally hiding some form of random dinosaur (plastic or otherwise) within the garden! This is awesome!

  3. I can't tell you how many dinosaurs we bought for our sons and daughter over the years...all shapes, sizes and colors. I'll bet the people who bought our house will be digging them up in the yard for years! I love your dino-garden!! How fun!

  4. I LOVE them! What a great idea for a collection.

  5. It's Jurassic Park right in your own backyard. Now you just need to get some stupid humans and you're ready for another sequel (if you can get Jeff Goldblum that would be GREAT!). You're awesome, girlfriend.

  6. Vintage Christine, I'm pretty sure Jeff Goldblum is available for a backyard sequel of Jurassic Park! --I'll see if I can get a hold of his agent! The "picnic" scene is a result of the dino who is being eaten, accidentally run over by my car one night. He had fallen off of the fence and instead of tossing it out, I created a little drama in Chinasaurus land. The blood and guts are actually red geranium blossoms! Gruesome, yes but hey, its a jungle out there!

  7. LOVE the bit o' reality/gore- way to save the broken dino! Nothing goes to waste :) i also love the long necks...they're my fave!

  8. Yep, this is a great collection, and the dino carnage is pure genius!

  9. The expression on the first one under "camoflauge"... his expression... so intent. Love it! Also, the gore fest under "carnivorous" is A+!

  10. This is a cool collection! Sort of reminds me of the time I collected the Trolls with colored crazy hair! I still love them today! Your dinos look so happy in the brush!!!


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