Monday, May 9, 2011

Round-Up! - Vintage Radios

Howdy folks!  I want to make a special effort to feature some of my weird & wonderful collections (and there are plenty!).  Have you ever noticed how once pulled from the junk pile & brought home, an interesting item will call out into the junky-cosmos to all of it's long lost brothers & sisters so that the next time you step foot in a thrift store...BAM!...there is another item similar to the first?  And ho-boy, when you get two of them on the shelf together they really start to multiply (can inanimate objects get it on?)...two can quickly turn into 5...10...20!  I'd like to dedicate a new feature to this funny phenomenon and I'm callin' it the I.H.E. Round up! 

Yup, Ole Happee Hank and his weiner-ific side kick Pepito will be bringin' you the Round Up from time to time.  I illustrated these fellers especially for your bloggy enjoyment!

Without further spur draggin' lets git to our 1st Round Up!  
Vintage Radios

*Click pics for larger images*

This is one of those accidental collections.  I never expected to have a shelf of radios but somehow, here we are.  I especially like the colors and shapes of these AM-band beauties!

 I can't even remember which one started me off, but I really like them all.

Some of them work, some don't but it doesn't matter they are more for looking than listening these days

 The blue one is my absolute fave.  I found it in a box of free yard sale leftovers.  It was dirty and mistreated, but cleaned up very nicely.  Its shape is exactly what my dream house would look like!

 The orange ball radio is so mod!  I found it in a thrift store for a song because of its busted lip.

 This big white guy came from one of my trips to the Atta Boy Shop N' Swap events.

Check out these choppers too!
I found this conversation piece at the local Salvation Army.  It is a hinged plaster cast of someone's immaculate set of teethies!  I bet they thought, "Heck, somebody will buy them"...yup..they were right!

 One of the few AM/FM radios in the collection.  This one reminds me of my dad, a huge radio buff.  I think we had one like it when I was a kid.

Who doesn't love a transistor radio?

Another AM/FM with a Random vintage picture of a random child

Portable transistor radios always remind me of Stephen King's Stand By Me movie, specifically the Lolly Pop song scene!

This atomic looking pink radio used to sit in my kitchen before I had enough radios to start a museum!  It looked real sharp next to the electric mixer.  Down below the radio collection is my main record player and other knick knacks, but by gum, we'll have to save those for another post!  

Thanks for looking folks, Happy Trails from the I.H.E. Round Up and Happee Hank & Pepito!


  1. eep! i am in love. seriously, a fantastic collection! the turquoise and the pink are my favorites. and those teeth are awesome!

  2. I thought the same thing about "Stand by me" and that yellow radio! Love it Love it! Looking forward to more of this segment on I.H.E. isnt it funny how those radios/tvs/kicknacks just pile up! haha

  3. Love them...every single one! What a great collection. My personal favorite is the red mod with the busted lip. BTW, I'm in love with Happee Hank and Pepito.

  4. Loving the colors and shapes of these! So much fun! And I'm loving the lamp down below. :)

  5. Hank and Pepito rule! Those are some really neato radios ya got there! I know exactly what ya mean about these collection too; once you have two sitting next to eachcother on a shelf it's all over. All you can think about is "must find more...." I have an ad for the ball radios I'll put up for ya too.

  6. What a great collection! I had one or the other of those transistor radios when I turned 14...I remember the evening my Dad bought it for was a color, though now I don't remember which one. I do remember it was one of the first ones to come out, that came in a variety of colors! Thanks for the memories!!!

  7. What a neat thing to collect! You've got some real gems here. The pink one and the one that's shaped like your dream house are my faves. I think those accidental collections can be the best kind. ;-)

  8. Soooweet!!!

    Damn, I could use that turquoise one lol...

    I don't dare start collecting anything in particular, because it gets out of hand really fast!

  9. Yea! My grandma had a pink one like the white clock radio. It makes me happy when I see it! Someday I'll find one. But, until then I'll be happy looking at others goodies on the blogs!

  10. Wow! What a wonderful collection! And I would have bought those teeth too. You just HAVE to. How often do you come across something like that? Wow, unless you are right and now you'll come across them everywhere. That will be interesting!

  11. I love those old radios, I just have two so far but more are welcome.

  12. What a cool collection! Especially love the space-age mod stuff. The orange Panasonic- drool! Nice blog!


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